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A Gimp’s Weekend Fun

A couple of weeks ago I had two guest over for some fun. Penecto arrived early and thought it be great to but me into a one piece rubber gimp suit of sorts to surprise the other guy when he arrived.  There was an attached hood with built-in breather tube gag, nose tubes that where inserted into each nostril, attached feet, and the gloves.  A collar was added and locked in place with a combination lock that only penecto new the number to ensure the suit was not coming off.  The cod piece of the suit hid the silicon CB071 that also had been locked on me.  The rubber plug was constantly pushed on by the suit for it was so tight it rode up the ass crack.  Fireman wader boots where added followed by locked wrist restraints to complete the rubber imprisonment.

Once he arrived and was greeted by a gimp it was time to get down to business.  We took him down to the dungeon.  Once there and he was rubberized we had to contain him a bit from wondering by locking him to a chain hung from the ceiling.  In the meantime penecto changed into a wetsuit with a neoprene hood on.

After tormenting the other guy for a while we secured him down for a bit and I focused my attention to tormenting penecto for a while.

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