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IML 2010

IML was fun. It started of for me on Thursday but the real fun started on Friday for me.

On Friday I wore my football uniform containing all you see in the picture and 2 pairs of compression shorts over a jock and cup and for a while a Chasity device under all that.

On Saturday I met up with a great guy from Chicago that rubberized me in a rubber like farming outfit followed by some metal shackles and metal collar. Forced beers where at hand for our 1st meet.

Later in the evening I went to a friends party wearing rubber pants and a T. That’s when I got to meet TheRubberFreak finally in person. After some conversation and a few drinks I felt it necessary to lock him up a bit and a leash was in order to keep him from wondering off and of course my wedge gag t keep him quiet.

While we were outside some of the ballroom parties we ran into his roommate (ChicagoGear) which to my surprise was someone to whom I had been chatting to for a long time; what a pleasant surprise.

On Sunday I was sealed in a rubber suit with my semi-transparent rubber skinhead jeans over the suit for the day. TheZ thought it be great to lock me in my collar with a lock he did not have the key to so I thought it be fitting to muzzle him for the day.

Later another friend added a urinal hood to me tucking it well into the suit and then locking the zipper of it to the back of the collar.  He wasn’t finished yet either and thought he’d take my silicon CB071 Chasity and lock it on me.  After having some fun with me he left me there as I was to have a guest who never showed.  I was released late that night.

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