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Lost Bet …Again

Logan (a state trooper friend) decided to place yet another bet with me. The bet was about a local sports team and weather or not they would win the game; they did not so I did not win either.

Before he left to come over to claim his prize he requested that I be in some gear for his arrival.  First I was ordered to be plugged followed by a nice thick and tight rubber catsuit with attached gloves and feet.

Once Logan arrived his first action was to pour more J-Lube down both the front and back of the suit.  Next he took a thick rubber collar and locked it on followed by making sure to also lock the zipper of the suit to the d-ring of the collar.  A leash was attached followed by more locks locking the lower access zippers together, one in the front and one in the back.  Now it was time for the Dehner dress patrol boots and a Sam Browne belt with diagonal belt.  To complete the look Logan took my wedge gag and fastened it tightly on me and finished by putting a Muir cap.

Afterwards rubber ball mitts where added and locked on over the gloves of the suit.  After watching a Blu-ray movie he decided to make a small movie clip of me in it.

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