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An admiring viewer (Steve) wanted to do one of the “bet” scenes that he had read about a lot on of my other profiles.  So after talking together for a while we placed a bet on the next day’s weather.  I made the bet that it was going to rain since the weather said it was going to but it did not rain a drop.  I was ordered to dress for a ride on his new vehicle.

A thick rubber suit was 1st on the list after making sure that a large rubber plug was in place.  The suit was coated and filled with really thick J-Lube.  This would be followed by a leather collar to be locked on and the zippers of the suit were to be locked to the collar as well.  Steve felt that the locks should be blue so they would not blend into the ensemble.  He set each of the combo number of the locks to a unique number.   Industrial this rubber gloves were added over the suits attached gloves.  A wedge gag was added at this point and tightly buckled in place.  Once Steve was happy that all the air was squished out of the rubber suit he took my one piece leathers and worked it on over the rubber suit.  Next came the locking of the zipper of the leathers and a leash to the collar and tossing the key of it into one of the closets.  Motocross street boots came next followed by a rubber hat and a pair of sunglasses to complete the 1st phase.

For 2nd phase Steve added a motorcycle helmet over the head without removing anything that was already on my head.  He had me get on the bike after he was on and off we were to his place about a 2 hour ride.

Once we arrived at his place and inside he removed the helmet.  He seemed very pleased with himself; looking me over for a minute or so then taking me by the leash down to his basement then seating me in a chair and strapping me down to it and locking the straps.  Then he removed the hat and sunglasses and begun to cut my hair giving me a very short and wide Mohawk tapering to a more narrow strip in the back of the head, (which I would discover once I got back home).   After he finished with the haircut he put back on the sunglasses and rubber hat.

After some fun exciting me in the basement we headed back upstairs where we watched a movie.  Once the movie had finished he put the helmet back on my head over everything and we got back on the bike and he drove us back to my house.  Once inside he said that he would text me the combinations to the locks before morning.  After midnight I received the first number, literally.  Once every 20 minutes I received a new number for a total of nine numbers in no particular order and then finally a text with which closet held the key but not where it was in there.  It took me a while to sort it all and finally was able to get out of it all by 5am.

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