Here I am after yet another lost bet with Logan.  I was instructed to clean out before he arrived and to have my thickest rubber suit laid out for him and my rubber hood with a built-in gag to be placed on top of the suit and to have my Fireman’s thigh wader boots out as well.
Once he had arrived on Friday he took my suit and hood along with the Fireman’s boots into the bathroom.
After in the bathroom for a while he came out and had me go into the bathroom with him where he inserted ear buds to be connected to a iPhone in just a short bit.  Wax ear plugs where fitted around and over them.  This would be how I would hear for the duration of this lost bet.  He handed me a large rubber plug and inserted in me.  Also taking a very wide and thick metal cock ring and fitting it on me.
Next taking the rubber suit and instructed me to get into it.  The inside of the suit had been coated with a very thick layer of a pasty lube like substance.  After I successfully slide the skintight suit on Logan began to smooth the lube out in the suit by rubbing his hands all over the suit.  He then took the zippers at the crock area and zipped them to the back and locked them all together with one lock.  After he was satisfied that all the air was out of the suit and that all the lube was evenly distributed he reached for the rubber hood.  The hood had the same kind of pasty lube coating the inside of it.  A inflatable tube gag was built into it.  He forced it all on my head and after zipping the hood and making sure it was under the tall collar of the suit he grabbed a thick leather collar and locked it on over the hood and rubber suit.  Logan made sure to lock the suit’s zippers to the collar’s d-rings to.  Finally taking the iPhone and locking the case of it to the back of the collar.

Inflating the gag up a bit before moving on to the next step.  Logan then grabbed the Fireman’s thigh wader boots and handed to me to put on.  As I put one foot into it I very quickly realized they had been practically filled with some kind of jelly like substance.  Once my foot was all the way in the jelly like substance nearly reached the top of the boot.  Same thing with the other boot.

A pair of aquatic rubber gloves where slipped over the built-in gloves of the rubber suit.  A pair of handcuffs where quickly locked on once the gloves where on which then where clipped to one of the d-rings of the collar.

After taking some time to admire his handwork so far, Logan walked me carefully out to his truck and fastened me into one of the back seats.  Off we went on our way over to his house.  I could not hope but notice on the way over that the gel in the boots was setting up into a thicker, harder substance.  I did not notice if the lube like stuff in the suit was doing the same.  To me it seems still slimy like.  In reality it was setting up like a rubbery substance.

We finally got to his house after almost one hour.  There he walked me into his house and down to the basement where he tied me to a post using rubber belts.  He had heat lamps set around it to make sure I would be nice and warm and later he told me that it aided in curring process of the glues.

For a while he had fun hydrating me through the breathing tube of the gag using a large syringe filled with protein a shake.  Later rinsing the tube with his urine forcing me to take it all in.  This went on countless times throughout my entire stay with him.

Later in the evening he found it fun to take me out to a local bar like that.  Logan made sure to take the syringe with him so he could feed me some beer and of course rinse the tube after each use with more urine for me to endure.

After the bar closed for the evening we went back to his house where Logan tied me to a metal chair in the basement bolted to the floor and layered several layers of duct tape over the perforated eyes until no light could be detected at all not even a tiny glimpse of any light.  The I would remain for the rest of the night.  He made sure to work me up very well before he headed off to bed. (Later I learned he slept in the basement to keep an eye on me but I never knew that.)

I dosed in and out for a long time and then before I knew it I was greeted with some kind of smell that worked me up a bit followed by more protein shake through the tube.   The rubber belts where removed and I was guided to stand up.  This was very difficult since the lube in the boots had harden almost solid, it had very little give to it.  The lube in the suit turned to a extremely thick rubber like substance that still felt like it had a slimy coat to it but that was just my sweat I later learned.  It did make it feel like I was wear several layers of rubber suits that where extremely skintight.  The duct tape over the eyes was removed.

Today (Saturday) he had me do a bunch of house chores like mopping the floor, vacuuming, cleaning the basement up a bit, and even some yard work in his backyard.  During my chores he had recordings of himself giving me orders to follow that played over and over on random shuffle.  Some had me do squats, some where very complicated stuff, others where actions to do every time I heard certain words from him and some even when anyone said certain words.  I was feeling more like a gimp every second (I am sure his plan).

Later that evening we headed over to a friend of his for a private party where they both had a great time showing me off to their friends and showing them what I have been trained to do so far.  I never heard no one’s voice outside of Logan’s since he was in control of the phone by calling it.  He had set the phone to auto answer when a call came in.  (Good thing they where both his phones.)

Again after we got back to his house I was tied to the same chair as the night before.  Duct tape was again placed over the perforated eye holes till absolutely no light could be detected.  This time he left the training recordings playing over and over and turned up the volume a lot.  I had know idea how long had past but when he awoke me with more smelly stuff and more protein shake he informed me it was 1pm on Sunday.  After working me up to the max he drove me back to my house.  They Logan left the combinations to the locks on a piece if paper but did not tell me which one went to which lock, the keys to the handcuffs (yes still on) nor did he tell me how to get out of the gimp stuff.

Once Logan got home he e-mailed me some hints as of how to get out but only hints and only after he cam’d with me and saw I was still in it all.

So some very hot water to loosen the stuff in the boots.  That took a long time as it could only be done in small layers at a time and to make sure the water was hot enough but not so hot as to burn.  The suit was another story but it did come off safely and in tacked but boy did it take a really long time to get that and the hood off.

All in all a GREAT weekend and one I would care to repeat very much.  I just wished I had known that I would never be released for the entire weekend but then again that might have ruined the experience a bit.

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