On Friday around noon time my good friend Rubber Rebel decided to control me via the Internet as he worked at his job.  I turned on the web cam for him to view and control by.  Later I learned that he had recorded it all.

This is what I had to wear:

  • A large rubber plug.
  • The CB-071
  • One Thick tight rubber suit. All Zippers to be clocked on the suit.
  • Suit to be filled with J-lube mixed to a sticky consistency.
  • A pair of tight rubber pants over the suit.
  • A pair of strapped boots and each strap to be locked,
  • One belt cinched extra tight and buckle locked.
  • A locked posture collar tight enough not to slip a finger in.
  • A rubber penis gag to be inserted under the rubber flap hood.
  • Gag taped in with black duct tape.
  • S-10 Gas Mask over the rubber hood.
  • Long Rubber gloves over the suit.

After a few hours he had me put on some leg shackles locked to the chair I was sitting in the a chain from the collar to the arm of the chair.  No handcuffs for safety reasons.

When it came time for him to head for the train at the end of his work day he ordered me every 15 minutes to take a “Treat” and then IM him so he could tell on his phone if I was obeying his orders.
Around 8pm I was allowed to start to release myself and cleanup.
This was a great day and a lot of fun, also I could hear his work environment as he was not aware that his sounds where transmitting to me until way late in the day.  It added a cool dynamic to the scene.

Just a few side notes about this kind of scene: Never try this truly alone, always have somebody you trust in the background. Never truly confine yourself, make sure you can free yourself easily before you even put any gear on and even as you but on gear. Keep in mind things like heat build up, dehydration, etc. can happen if you don’t take steps to prevent this and if they do occur end the scene. If you must do a self scene just be the safest you can be, sometimes the lack of immobilization is a great and added mental restriction so leave any immobilization for when you have one or more extra TRUSTED person/ ‘s to be involved in a scene. – RubberBoundCOP
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