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RubberBound Red?

The other day a friend of mine requested that I put on my red suit and since it has been a while since I had put it on I decided to do so after well coating the inside of it with plenty of thick j-lube.  A breather tube inflatable gag was installed before the one piece suit was zipped up.  Breathing tubes where added to the nostrils to aid in easier breathing.  To that he requested a pair of tight Levi’s go aver it; that took some work and ended up needing to j-lube the outside of the suit to get the pants on.  Once on a belt was to be very well cinched on followed by a wide collar to be locked on.  Next came the boots and the gloves finalized this gear set.

Once everything was in place it was time to get some stuff done around the house so 1st cam the vacuuming then a few other items that needed cleaning then after that I was aloud to browse the Internet and cam to a few friends if they where around.

The suit was so tight that the zipper forced its way up the crack and acted like a constant forced wedgie.

After 6 hours it was time to get out of the extra thick/ tight suit.

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