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NYC Boy – BoundEddie – Part 1

Over the weekend a nice guy from NYC (BoundEddie) came over for some fun.  He arrived wearing his CB6000 so it would remain on for the whole time and yes he was sent home wearing it to.

Newly arriving in NYC after moving from Mexico he opted to go with the 12 step program: Step 1 – The wrapping and hooding, Step 2 – The test exercises to expose and weak joints, Step 3 – The collaring, Step 4 – The shackling, Step 5 – The Torment, Step 6 – Workout time, Step 7 – Self indulgence, Step 8 – Rest time, Step 9 – More restrictive bindings, Step 10 – More Indulgence, Step 11 – More Bindings, Step 12 – Time to try to get out of all the bindings and cleanup.

During all the fun I decided to take his only key to the CB6000 and tape it to his chest.  I warned him that I would not remind him again that it was there (he almost forgot about it).

My favorite picture of the scene!
Note the outline of the key taped to his chest.


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