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Under Cover Rubber

After talking with Eric on line for a while it was time to plan a visit him.  He had requested me to wear some items for the ride over to his house.  I was to wear a medium sized rubber plug and my CB071 chastity was to be locked on.  A thick and tight rubber suit lubed with only powdered J-lube to be heavily dusted inside the suit and once the suit was on up to the waist I was to pour a fair amount of the powder around the chastity area and only then could I finish putting on the suit.


Now came time for the  “street clothes” Eric wanted me to wear over the rubber suit a pair of gray Levi’s skinny jeans.   A studded belt was cinched to its tightest notch and then locked with two pad locks.  To that I was to wear my Grinder boots laced with yellow laces.  Once lacing was finished rubber gloves where added.  A chain was to be locked around the neck snugly but only tight enough to slip a pinkie between the chain and neck line but no tighter nor looser.  The chain was locked with a large lock.  Each zipper of the suit at the neck line was locked to the chain collar it small chrome locks.  A long metal chain leash was locked to the chain collar and was to put the handle of it in my back pocket after feeding it between my legs.  My yellow and black motorcycle jacket had to be put on next zipping it just to chest height and the zipper handle locked to the leash.

To complete the ensemble a rubber cap was put on.  While in any homes like mine or his I would have to wear a S-10 gas mask and the rubber cap to be over the head straps of it.  The long hose to the gas mask was to be in the other back pocket of the Levi’s at all time the mask was on.  I was to remove the mask when driving and while in any public areas.  All keys to the locks would have to be left at my house suspended in a bucket of water set in the freezer just before I left my house.

Along the way to Eric’s house I was to stop by an adult store to pick up a few items.  Then it was off to a liqueur store to pick a few more items up.  Finally a grocery store for a few more items.  All had to be a few towns apart.  Only one gas stop was allowed.

By the time I arrived at his place the powered J-lube had all turned to a thick slimy mess inside the suit from all the sweat.

I was to let myself in the front door after ringing the doorbell twice.  When I let myself in there was a bar stool in the middle of the entryway with a note on it and a few items to the right of the stool on the floor.

The note read “Welcome boy, now seat yourself firmly on the stool facing inwards.  Put in the wedge gag and lock it on in it tightest fitting.  Take the leg shackles and weave them through the legs of the stool and fasten each end to your ankles boy!  After that is on make sure the S-10 gas mask is put on as previously ordered but with the blind fold on 1st.  Next take the heavy handcuffs and handcuff yourself hands behind your back boy.  Spread you knees as far apart as possible and maintain that position with back firmly straight.  Now wait for my arrival boy!”

After waiting for what I was later told was just a little over one and a half hours Eric greeted me by taking the hose from the mask out of the pack pocket and feeding some “treats” into it before returning it to the pocket.  As I endured the “treats” he removed the shackles and re-fastened them outside the stool legs so he could guild me to a standing position.  More “treats” where added before guiding me to his basement.

Once we made it down the stairs successfully Eric walked me to a pole and undid one hand from the cuffs so he could put my hands behind the pole then re-cuffed me.  The same was done for the leg shackles.

Next the gas mask was removed and the blindfold was removed only to be instantly greeted by a super bright light aimed at my face.   The light was dimmed out after a couple of minutes.  As my sight slowly came back I finally saw him in full gear.  He was wearing a full rubber catsuit with a pair of extremely tight police leather pants adorned with every police accessory you could ever imagine plus a bit more.   His Dehner Mountie patrol boots where shined to the perfection.   He had mention that he remembered me saying that the tighter the clothes where on guy would make me all the more sub so he wanted to take no chance that I be anything less then the ultimate sub.   I have to say it was doing the trick for sure.

Next on his list was to put is his three sided vac-rack.  He left me in my gear when he put me inside it, just my head sticking out of it in standing position.  Eric liked the picture that I had posted of me in a similar rack from MIR event a few years ago so he wanted to replicate it or so he said.  So, on the gas mask went again.  To get the squirm factor he was looking for he introduced more “treats” to the mask.  He seem to be having a lot of fun doing this but after nearly a hour in the rack he took me out of it and we headed back upstairs after he replaced the wedge gag with a inflatable tube gag.  This one had a short tube to it, I guess to make it fit under a gas mask.

We went to the kitchen where Eric had leaning against one of the counters a Spreader bar Posture bar combo unit.  He replaced the shackles with it.  The ‘T’ style bar kept the legs about three feet apart and the upright bar had a built in rubber collar that locked in place.   He took the cuffed wrists and locked them to the middle of the upright bar where there was a built-in d-ring.

Eric had me watch him as he cooked a dinner up.  He talked, I nodded my head ever so slightly a lot to respond to him and grunted YES SIR and NO SIR through the gag per his orders when a answer was required.

When dinner was ready he removed my gas mask but to my surprise the food was for him not me.  He took out a tray with three large syringes on it from the refrigerator.  Each filled with a blueish pasty substance.  He took the first one and connected it to the tube of the gag and began to squeeze the contents of it into the gag filling my mouth so I had no choice but to swallow each moth full as it cam in.   One syringe after another till all three had been emptied into me.

Now he sat down and ate his meal.  After he cleaned up his meal and put the dishes away, another three syringes came out of the refrigerator.  These had yellow liquids in them.  Two of them were a lighter color then the other one.  The first of the lighter ones went into the gag.  It was his piss.  Soon another one.  The third one was Gatorade to my relief.  It was at this point he asked me if I had filled the Chasity up to its fullest.  I indeed was hard as can be.  He told me at that point the pasty syringes where filed with a mix of protein shakes and Viagra.  No sooner then finishing his sentence did he take the gas mask and place it back on me and making sure it was tightly sealed on.   More “treats” followed as he took me over to the living room where he sat down and I was allowed to stand near him humping his knee as he shoved it into the chastity all while we watched a movie.

Once the move was done he undid the restraints and then the mask and gag.  We talked for about 15 minutes and I was sent on my way back home with a piece of plastic to put over my car seat because at this point I was soaked from all the sweat.

I had to stop for gas on the way home and boy did I get a few strange looks but nobody said anything.

When I got home I remembered that the keys where in a frozen block and would have to wait on cam for them to melt out before I could get out of the gear.  Yes the gas mask had to be on for the whole wait time.  I was only to remove it if an emergency came up but none did.

When it came time to get out I almost just wanted to stay in for a bit more time but it was late and had to get out.  Eric had such a good time he is demanding a second session.

Thanks Eric, I had a GREAT time and yes I to look forward to the next session.

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