Last weekend a friend of mine from the shoreline of CT came up to visit me.

We agreed that at 8:30am we both would gear up under street clothes before he would drive up. He wanted me to be all a sweaty mess by the time he arrived which would take him just a little over one hour.

Around 10:30 he arrived wearing Levi’s and a black leather coat over his full latex catsuit covered by a wetsuit, the attached hood was tucked into the jacket when it was zipped so we could go to brunch.  I was in my neck to toes latex catsuit and wore my knee-high Grinder boots with yellow lacing, a pair of tear away pants was fitted over the rubber and a gray zip fleece jacket. He was wearing his Carrara belt chastity over his rubber suit, and I was wearing my CB071 chastity under my suit.

I drove us over to a local brunch place where we ate and chatted. I think the waiter had his suspicions but seemed well with it.

When we got back to my house his hood was one of the first things to go back on and I felt the need to lock it to his already locked chain collar that was also already locked to one of the zippers of the suit.  Then it was off to the basement.

We spent a couple of hours down there (he is the one locked up in the video below) before it was time to clean up and send him back home.

PS Incase you are wondering I am the one not bound in the video.


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