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Top to Bottom Conversion

Nycbondageswitch comes for a visit.  Mainly top by nature he converts to sub for the visit.

He came wearing a CB071 so it remained on.  I thought it fitting to add some tit clamps after he mentioned he likes tit torture.  His eyes lit up as I began to wrap over them, leaving them in place.  When it came time for the duct tape I think he knew at that point the clamps where staying on for the duration.

Once wrapped it was time for some training to begin.  During all the training he was given one task to remember; “Don’t let the shackle chain get any slack!”  In the pictures you can tell how many times he forgot that so he will need to make up for that.

At the end of the day he had to retrieve all the keys in order to be freed.  So to aid in his need to get the keys duct tape was wrapped in reverse to give him achieve paws to get the keys.   Needless to say it still did not work since he could not bend much so the keys were lifted from the floor to the chair where he was able to complete the task.



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