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After MANY years of chatting away with MindDrive we finally got to meet. Three hours late but at least he arrived safely at my house.

RubberBoundCOP (Standing) – MindDrive (Kneeling)

I had intended to surprise him by being in the gear he likes to see me in the most and I was but because he was so late I ended up changing a little after he arrived so we could grab something to eat.

When we got back he wanted to “get some rest in gear.”  Well he did get into some leather gear but I felt the need that he needed a sleep sack to properly rest for a bit so out came the leather sleep sack.  First his leather pup hood would go on, then in he went only to have some rope added after the zipper zipped followed by tightening up all the belt straps.  A leather armband made for a great muzzle and finally a leash was added.

I left him alone (only for a minute or two) but long enough with the lights turned off to let him think he would get some rest…   WRONG, I came back in to torment him for a while; to get him really worked up.  🙂

At the end of his scene I set him up on the guest bed so he could get some sleep.

The next day we went for a quick bit to eat then start the next scene.

First came the “test of the bones” a test all pups must pass.  At first he must have thought it was going to be easy but he soon would find out its was NOT.  After some handcuffs and a few chains he was ordered to hold a rubber dog bone and not drop it.  Sometime would pass and he found himself trying to balance a newly added bone placed atop the other.   More time would pass, the struggle was apparent with some shaking.  A bandana would prove to be his weak spot as the bones fell to the ground in under a minute after the addition of it.

After failing the test he had to stand around for a while and a baseball bat would have to be added to keep him up.

After his punishment for failing his task it was time to put his bandanna collection to use by gagging him with some then layering them up tying each one tightly in place.  Once the final piece was tied on as a blindfold/ filter some more torment was in order.

Leaving most of the bandannas on he was released from the chains only to be fitted into a leather straight jacket.

For his good behavior he was granted a few picture with me per request.

 Watch the Video

It was a complete and delightful pleasure to have MindDrive over for the weekend.  I look forward to future visits with him.

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