Totally Gimped – Part II

This post is a continuation of “Totally Gimped – Part I” starring Total20303 and myself.

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Now onto the story…

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Part II

We last left off with the gimp coming out of the cage to play.

First thing it was to do was some breathing exercises.  For this two tube segments were inserted onto its breathing tube to allow for assorted breath control methods and for proper treat dispensing.  This of course lead to a lot of squirming.  It’s leash was attached to the ceiling to minimize the gimps movements so it would not wonder off to far in all the squirming .

After the breathing exercises the gimp was allowed to rest for a bit; bound of course.  Using a sleep-sack belt for around the chest and arms and Saran wrap around the legs.  The belt was added because the gimp wanted to put its arms into the suit to let them rest a bit.  Now we were ready for some rubber fitness exercises.  The gimp wanted a workout and that’s what it got.  😈

Before it could move on to the next part in the scene it had to turn around to face the length of the room and then sit up.  This would prove to be a challenge for the gimp but soon master it so it was rewarded with a rubber cap.   Then after a few deliberate delays it was allowed to change into its catsuit.

First to go on after the gimp changed into it’s rubber catsuit was a pair of heavy-duty handcuffs.  Soon to be followed by some scissor like nipple clamps.  A pair of metal leg shackles was locked on next.  Weighted clips were added soon after.  Each connecting to a chain that clipped to a single chain leading to the leg shackles.  Now we couldn’t stop here could we?  So on went yet another chain leading from the locked collar down the it’s backside and downward to clip to the chain of the leg shackles.  Along the way it was necessary to connect that chain to the front chains at crotch level.  Next I added a metal chain leash and clipping the scissor like tit clamps to the leash chain.  Finally I took three chains and from the ceiling I connected them to each of the gimps d-rings on the collar.

The gimp soon learned that with this setup there would be no movement that would not tug and pull on something.  Nevertheless the gimp seemed to enjoy itself and went on for a long time like that.

After all the fun the gimp replenished with some nice cold water to hydrate it up again.

A truly enjoyable gimp and this SIR will be looking forward to the gimps future visits.

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