Highway Patrol SIR

The following true story is Copyright © 2011 by: RubberBoundCOP

Today started off just as any other.  I had spent the night over Eric’s house just outside the city.  Eric was a well-built guy reaching a height of 5’ 10” with green eyes and dark blond very short hair, clean-shaven and no body hair to speak of.  He was a State Highway Patrol Officer.  Eric had met me through the Internet and since then we have met on a number of occasions.  He loves to inflect bondage and was quite creative in doing so.  Today when I awoke he had already been up for sometime and had dressed already.  He was wearing a nice snug pair of Levi’s, a nice pair of standard police boots (well polished) and a skin-tight white t-shirt.  He removed the spandex hood from my head and untied me from the bed.  “Come on boy, we got a lot to do today.  Hop in the show and come see me we your done. I have something that I want you to wear today.”  So after taking a shower I found him in the bedroom sprawled out on the bed, patiently waiting for me.  “Ok boy, nice job, 1 put this butt plug up your ass and put this cock ring on, then slip into this rubber jock so it can hold the plug in.  Then run the wires up to your neck when you put get into this catsuit, and be quick about it!”  The Latex catsuit was so tight that it was not only extremely difficult to get on but once on it was nearly impossible to move without a struggle.  It was a thick heavy gage industrial weight suit that had built-in feet and was long-sleeved.  “Now put on these Levi’s followed by these nice shiny black combat boots.”  The Levi’s where very tight and took a lot of work to pull them up over the suit.  He chuckled quite a lot through all this.   “Now boy, put this black mock t-shirt on.”  It too was tight.  “Now come over here boy!”  As I approached the bed he pulled me down and on top of him.   “How do you feel now, Boy?”  I replied with a firm “Great!”  Eric reached with one hand behind one of his pillows and pulled out something.   Before I could tell what it was he had it halfway on me.  It was a chrome metal collar that once on was seamless.  It locked on by hex screws on the top and bottom edges of the collar in the back of it.  It was about a quarter of an inch thick and about one and half inches wide, not to mention very heavy.  It was almost a perfect fit but just a tab bit tight, but he was more than satisfied with the results; I think he wanted really tight, he knew my neck size really well.  The Latex suit had a mock neck that nicely fit under the collar, totally sealing the suit.  After securing the collar he attached a box to the wires running out of the suit and ran them inside the mock shirt to the waist where he fasten the box to the back buckle strap of the Levi’s.

Eric while pushing me back onto me knees while over him still and patting me on the chest said, “Alright now, we must be going now, since you are finally ready.”

We left in his car.  He didn’t make any mention of what was on the agenda for the day, I could only wonder.  Shortly we arrived at a diner for breakfast. We sat at the counter and had breakfast.  I got a couple of strange looks but would get more as the day went on.  After leaving the diner we were headed for the mall.  It was only a week before Christmas and he needed to finish his shopping.

As we went from store to store he would have me sometimes wait outside the store entrance and had me hold my hands in front of my genital area.  After a couple of stores I soon learn what the box connected to the wires was, it was an electrical box or tens kit.  He would spontaneously set different intensities of current at his will.  Often making me jump or buckle or even thrust when we passing cute men.  Sometimes just for the fun of it.

A while later I asked him if I could use the men’s room.  “Now Boy, you should know by now that your never going to get out of that catsuit with all that on and without the collar being removed, so if you really have to go you just will have to do it in the suit.”  Now that he knew that I would have to take a piss soon, he started forcing me to drink a lot of water.  Buy four o’clock I could no longer hold it in.  He knew right away and began to laugh.  Slapping me on the ass a few times right in public, “Good Boy, Good Boy, it’s about time!”, then kissed me on the lips.  Now all that warm piss began to squeeze its way around the suit, adding to the mess of lube used to get the suit on and the accumulating sweet.

We headed back to the house and instructed me to wait in the car.  He soon came back out and had change into a dress suit but with out a tie and leaving the first button undone.  Off we went again without a word till we got to a restaurant.  It was a fancy one and he had made reservations.  They seem to know him quite well. We were seated and Eric ordered a bottle of wine.  He made sure my glass was full at all times.  After we ordered and we ate, he ordered desert for the two of us.  Mine came out covered with a small lid.  I removed the lid and next to my desert was a small box, I opened it and there was a ring.  “I would like you to move in and have a commitment with me, BOY!  Will you?  I looked into his anxiously awaiting eyes and replied, “Yes, but I didn’t know you were interested in a relationship.”  He replied, “I guess you’ve changed that for me.  But before you can’t take your answer back, you do know you will have to wear what I what you to and pretty much do what ever I want you to.” I still agreed.  Soon after that I felt the tens box as he sent a jolt to the cock ring and butt plug.  Making me jump and squirm in my seat.

Just outside the restaurant Eric pushed me against the wall and grabbed each hand and spread them apart above me and kicked my feet apart putting me in a full spread eagle position against the brick wall and laid into me with force and kissed me as on goers watch while waiting for their tables.  Then he pulled me by my leather coat quickly as we almost ran to his car.  He was obviously very happy.

We headed home.  Once we got inside he ordered me to remove the jeans, boots and shirt.  “Put these Highway Patrol boots on and sit in that chair.”  The boots reached just below the kneecaps.  As I did he left the room and changed in his Uniform.  When he came back into the room he looked great!  He had on his full Highway Patrol Uniform complete with ever last accessory and even some extras.  His breaches where beyond skin-tight, the Highway patrol boots looked new and well polished, the gloves looked as if they had been painted on, and to top it off he added a tight leather police coat and a policeman’s cap.  He grabbed me by the back of my neck and pulled me out of the chair and really close to him.  He took a d-ring and inserted either end of it into two holes, one on either edge of the collar right in the front middle of it.   Now there was a leash ring and to make sure it would come out under force, he took a pair of adjustable pliers and squeezed the ends well into the collar.  By this time the wine was going right through me and ended up pissing once again in the suit.  This just made him even happier.  Just before heading out again he had me put on a rubber coat that ended a few inches before the knees and handed me a locked duffel bag to carry.

We arrived at a leather bar around 10:00pm.  I was somewhat humiliated walking to the bar from a parking lot a few blocks away, dressed the way I was.  He just loved it.  After getting in to the bar he brought me straight to the bathroom, where he unlocked the duffel bag I was caring.  He took out a Latex hood with a built-in gag and pulled it over my head.  It was a very tight fit and was made of thick latex, blocking out 95% of the sound.  It had two tiny pinholes for breathing and no eye holes.  Next he was quick to fasten a gas mask over it.  There was a long hose that was screwed on.  The end of it bounced off the end of my cock as I walked about or should I say pulled about after Eric attached a chain leash to the d-ring on the collar.  He then handcuffed my hand behind my back and attached ankle shackles where by he connected the two, causing a pulling feeling.  He was letting someone blow huge amounts of smoke up the tube completely filling the gas mask with nothing except smoke.  Eric doesn’t smoke and knows I hate it.

Later in the evening Eric screwed the other end of the hose from the gas mask into another boy’s mask.   This lasted a while before the other boy was released.  After a few more annoying puffs of smoke the gas mask was removed.  The bar was closing.  I was anxiously awaiting the hood to me removed but no such luck.   Still shackled, Eric took me outside and told me to stay still.  A few minutes later of shivering the hood was removed.  Quickly three donuts were crammed into my mouth.  “Eat Boy!”  he ordered as people look abroad.   After a few minutes I was able to mush up the donuts a bit.  That’s when he pulled my head back and stuffs a bottle of milk in my mouth and took it out when overflowed my mouth and instructed me not so lose a drop of it.  After a few gulps of the messy mix more milk was added and continued till all the donuts mix was gone.  Then three more donuts were crammed in and the same procedure repeated.  After that little scene he releases the cuffs and shackles and puts my coat on me then re-handcuffed me and back went on the hood went with a surprise inside.  A thick sticky gooey paste, he had dumped a jar of something into the hood.  Then he began to play with the tens kit.  Make me squirm, jump, thrust about at his will, with his trusty remote control.  Yanking on the chain leash indicated time to head for the car.  He detached the handcuffs from the shackles after getting to the car, which he must have moved closer because we didn’t walk very far, just about a block.

When we got home he brought me up to the bedroom floor and tied me into a very tight hottie position making sure my ankles where well up to my waist and my wrist where tied to them.  “Good night boy!  Sweet dreams,” he said while smearing his hands over the hood making all gooey stuff move about inside the hood.

In the morning he awoke and released me and removed everything.  After taking a long shower we ate.

A couple of weeks later I moved in.  He had my bedroom already made up and placed on it was the chrome collar with a note that read, “Welcome Boy, Put on the collar, I’ll lock it later, and wear the contents on my bed, make sure it’s all on by the time I get back. Yours, Eric.”

On his bed was a catsuit that had a codpiece.  It came equipped with built-in feet and gloves; it was going to cover every inch of my body up to my neck.  Also on the bed was a chrome butt plug, a rubber t-style jock with a cock opening, a pair of firefighters boots, one gas mask hood with built-in respirator, a pair of white tube socks, a roll of duct tape, and lying underneath the catsuit was another one catsuit with a codpiece but this one had a dress shirt look on the top half and it too also was equipped with built-in gloves and socks.  Attached to it was a set of instructions.  “First insert the chrome plug, BOY.  Then add the jock followed by the first catsuit, leaving the codpiece behind.  Next, roll the socks into a nice tight ball and shove it in your mouth, then take the duct tape and wrap it around your head to forcefully secure it in place.  Now get into the second catsuit and snap in to place it’s cod piece.  Once your done with that task you will put the firefighters boots on and flip them into the full position; should reach your thigh’s to waist.  Finally put on the gas mask hood and lock it’s built in collar with the lock provided.  Now that this is done you will remain standing until I get home; No Sitting is allowed!  See you soon BOY! Eric.  P.S. Oh by the way put the rubber tie on!”  Now it was time to follow the instructions. First went in the plug, then the jock and next the first catsuit.  It had been coated with something; I think it was liquid soap or a water based lube.  The suit was so incredibly tight that even with the lube it was very difficult to put on and took quite some time.  Once on there was no wrinkles or the slightest bit of room to flex or move in any fashion.  Now for the next task, I rolled the socks into a tight ball and shoved it into my mouth.  It completely filled it.   Next I took the duct tape per my instructions and began to wrap it around my head.  With each pass the gag would be forced in further and further.  I quickly moved on to the next task fearing that he would be home soon and spent too much time getting the catsuit on.  It was now 4:30pm and he usually gets out of work around 5:00pm.  So on to the next task, getting into the second catsuit.  It was also tight but only skin-tight.  It was also lubed but lightly.  It was somewhat hard to get on and the lube was only in the legs.  The top half was a snap up style and fit to a just a tab bit snug then got skin-tight by the wrist and the gloves which where also lubed.  Then I snap on the Codpiece that I had to squish my cock into.  Now it was time to put the firefighter boots on.  Just as I was about to insert my foot I noticed another note, it read, “Ok Boy now before you put these on, go into the closet and take the box marked BOY on it.  Take the jars out and the bowl next to the box and mix them together.  Mix only two jars of the clear stuff and one jar of the blackish stuff at a time.  Once you have mixed the first batch dump it into one of the firefighter boots and put it on then do the same for the other one.”  So I did.  The stuff started to become really warm.  But there was not much time left it was quarter to five so I put on the gas mask hood that total sealed my head off.   Then I locked it into place.   I realized quickly after locking it that there wasn’t any key around for it and quickly was surprised of a light trace smell of what almost smelled like poppers in the respirator.  The hood mask block must sound out as a result of its thick rubber.  Collars now covered my neck; the chrome one below and the rubber one from the hood mask above.  The smell within the respirator was starting to have some affect on me so I quickly went to put the rubber tie on.  As I walked over to the mirror I began to notice that the stuff I put in the boots was beginning to thicken.  Finally the tie was on and the outfit was on perfectly in accordance to Eric’s instruction.  As I turned around to look at the door I noticed something hung on the doorknob.  I must have missed it coming in.   A note was attached, “Put this on when you’re all done with your outfit and lock all the lockable spots. After you have completed that I want you to stand about five feet from the doorway and turn your back to the door and spread you feet about three feet apart using the board at the foot of the bed.  I suppose I’ll let you kick it into place since your hands will be restricted by this time.  You will remain like this until I come home and give you permission to do otherwise.”  It was a neck to wrist restraint.  It had a thick wide collar and a belt that ran down the back and two-wrist restraint, one over the other.  There was a zip lock bag stuffed in one of the wrist restraints, it contained all the locks but no keys.  Not giving much thought to it since it was now 6:10pm and he should be coming through the door any minute I locked the collar portion over the two other collars.  Next I locked the wrist restraints into place.  That took some tricky maneuvers and was able to get it nice and tight.  Now I quickly put myself into position.

7:00pm rolled around and he was not home yet.  By this time the lights in the room had turned off, he keeps them on a motion detector/timer, I tried to move my leg a bit but the stuff in the boots was rock solid now.  I was getting concerned now as 8:00 rolled around.  I thought I heard a door slam around 8:30.  The door behind had closed.  There was not a spec of light in the room now.  At 9:20 I felt hands come around me.  Eric was home!  After fondling the codpiece for a while the lights came on.  He was in his skin-tight Highway patrolman’s uniform.  He pulled me by the large d-ring aback of the collar restraint and guided me all the way down to the basement.  It was very difficult for me since I could not move my legs from the thighs downward thanks to the now solid substance in the boots.

I noticed that there was anther guy down there with some kind of equipment with him.  After position me on front of the other guy, Eric removed the codpiece.  The other guy fastens a thick wide band around the top of my balls.  I began to notice that there was quite of bit of other people around as well.  Then quickly became well alerted to the other guy as he began to weld the ring on.  Once he finished, Eric unlocked the collar restraint and held it firmly so my hands would not move.  The other guy began to weld all the screws to the chrome collar.  Then went on to weld the d-ring in the front of it, the same one used when Eric used it in the bar a couple of weeks ago.  The collar restraint was relocked on and the codpiece was reattached.  I could barely hear the cheering from the on goers.  It was clear this was some kind of marriage/ownership ceremony.  Eric decided to adjust the collar belt making it shorter raising my wrists above the middle of my back.  He kissed my on the hood.  I could barely hear him asking me if I was ok as he asked me into my rubber-coated ear.  I nodded yes.  He then fiddled with the respirator a bit and when he finished I noticed a stronger smell of poppers had returned.  The windows to the mask where fogging up quite a bit now, I could no longer see through them clearly just some light came through.

I felt myself being pulled again.  It was very apparent that I was totally in his control and had to rely on him for everything now.  It was apparent that I was not getting out of this for a long time.  Eric stood behind me as pulled me tightly against his body as we watched other people do various things, or should I say He watch for I could not really see anything through the fogged mask.

I was laid on to the floor and another boy was squatted over me and allowed to cum over the mask windows; allowing it to dry before repeating this with five more boys.  Once the last boy’s cum dried I could no longer see through them.  I was lifted back on to my feet and my codpiece was once more removed.  About 15 minutes or so it was reattached.  It was completely filled with cum.  All the Sir’s and Master’s had each came into it.  More poppers were quickly reintroduced.  I stood there helplessly thrusting my waist.  An hour later the hood mask was temporally removed, the gag was checked and Eric asked me if I would like it removed.  I hesitated with answer from all the excitement, that’s when Eric clamped my nose with his leather-gloved hand.  I began to shake my head yes in a begging state.  After watching me suffer for a bit he said, “Next time answer me instantly and honestly or the punishment will be more sever each time, BOY!”  Then he released his hands.  Then he grabbed a latex hood from someone and slipped it over my head.   It had a built-in gag.  The hood was thick and skin-tight it had also been filled with cum.  Eric smearing his gloved hands all over the hood to make sure it got into every crevice and hole possible.  It had no eye holes and only to tiny holes for breathing.  The gas mask hood was quickly put back on refreshed with more poppers.  I could not figure out why Eric was using them since neither he nor I liked using them; maybe to show that he had complete control over me and there was nothing I could do about it.

Around 4:00am or so I was brought up to his bedroom after the crowd left.  There he lowered the belt to my neck/wrist restraint and allowed my arms to revive a bit and re-fasten the belt just one notch lower than before.  Then he locked my leash ring to a ring that was bolted into the bedroom wall.  “Goodnight BOY!  Hope you enjoyed yourself today.” And off to bed he went still dressed in his full Uniform, not even removing his boots or gloves, leaving me for the night facing the wall and neck slightly pulled upward by the tab bit to high ring, thou he put that ring on the wall just prior to me moving in knowing my height quite well.

Around 10:30am he woke up and fondled me a bit and then removed the gas mask.  He asked how I was doing, I nodded my head yes to indicate I was doing fine.  “GOOD, I’ll see you in a little bit then.”  That’s when he left the room.

Forty minutes later he returned and removed me from the wall and took off the hood, which took some work after all the cum had dried.  Some of it re-moistened from the sweet.  He checked the collar welds to make sure I was ok and then checked the ring atop of my balls.  It was the first time I could take a look but he caught me and forcefully pushed on my neck and chin area with one of his hands.  After inspecting he walked me to the full-length mirror and allowed me to see myself.  It was very clear that the ring above my balls was clearly a permanent ownership ring. It was only about an inch and a quarter in diameter.  There was an inscription around it and the same inscription on the collar, it read, “PROPERTY OF ERIC LAINE” It repeated twice as it circled around.  Both pieces were made of chrome and were both heavy.  It was very apparent that he took great pride in “owning” me.  These must have cost him a pretty penny.   I asked him how he expected me to get a job now. “You’re not getting a job if it’s the last thing in the world.  Your mine now, I’ll take care of you.  You are just here for my enjoyment.  The household chores are not your responsibility, I have a maid that comes in to do it and I’m getting a house boy who will live above the garage next month.  You however will be required to accompany me wherever I go outside of work whether you or I like it or not.  I want you to be more than a “puppy dog!”  The day you don’t cling to my side is the day you’ll be severally punished.  Understood Boy?”  I firmly replied, “Yes Sir!”  “And call me “Eric, Sir” during the daytime and when around any people or at night you’ll address me as “SIR!”  You got that Boy?”  I quickly responded, “Yes, Eric, Sir.”  “Good boy, now head into the kitchen and wait for me to feed you something.  You must be starving?”  “Yes Eric, Sir.”

About 20 minutes later he came down wearing nothing and dripping from a shower he had just finished taking.  He pulled a tight latex hood over my head with a built-in piss gag.  Eric then began to force baby food through it in large amounts, sometimes blocking my breathing while forcing the food down the tube.  Once he was satisfied that I was full he rinsed it out with milk making my mouth overflow sever times.

At 1:45pm Eric removed the codpiece for a moment and slipped a cock sleeve over my cock with a tube that came off of it and lead to a rubber plug that was inserted into the piss gag and it took a little force to jam it in.   Then he pushed me into the living room to stand by him as he sat and watched TV.  I soon knew what he was up to; he was hoping I would have to piss.  And I had to, badly.  Soon I pissed, straight into my mouth and nothing I could do to stop it.  He knew right away and began laughing.  Before he removed the hood at 6:15pm I had pissed twice more.  He loved the control he had on me.

Now allowing me to undress which took the both of us about an hour must have that time freeing me from the boots; then showering me.  Now it was time to get dressed.

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