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Liquid Latex by Kal

I thought I’d tell you about an experience of mine a few summers ago.

It started of with a close friend who is a Boston area police officer (Kal).  We would from time to time play a game to determine a looser, but this time I lost and lost big time.  We agreed that this event would start on a Friday afternoon, after I got out of work, so we decided on a weekend that stated just before my vacation.  I was to be ready by the time he arrived, which consisted of the following outfit I was to wear.  1st I was to put a medium butt plug in, made of English rubber for long-term semi comfort, followed by a heavy cock ring with a ball splitter and penis ring welded to it.  Next was a rubbery like extra wide, very tight thong, which in the front had a hole in it, to allow my CB out, which was to hold the butt plug in.  Then there was the baseball jock and cup (to be one size smaller than I wear) followed by a pair of nylon type compression shorts.  A pair of very skin-tight Levi’s that took about 10 minutes to put on and finally an old pair of military boots that he gave me.  He said that he did not want me to wear mine, later I found out why.  One rule made very clearly was not to wear a shirt.

When Kal picked me up around 6:00PM he said he was very impressed.  After driving for a while on our way back to the Boston area, he made a pit stop on an old abandoned roadway.  It was dark now.  He had me get out of the van, while he went to the back of the van. Kal then called me back there.  Kal said with a smile, “Now it’s time to finish preparing you.  Next he stuck his fingers down the waist of my Levi’s and pulled away them and the shorts and cup.  With his other hand he took a plastic jug and started to pour the contents down my pants, making sure to get it everywhere possible.  It was total a surprise to me, but I went along with it, just because he was very handsome in his very snug leather pants and a Rubber T-shirt which was so tight that you could see every minuet detail of his built body.  The stuff in the jug was black liquid latex which he then poured another jug down the back of my pants, carefully going very slowly, allowing it to run down.  Once Kal was satisfied with that, he put on a pair of adjustable tit clamps and tightened them just enough to cause a slight pain all the time.  Then Kal reaches back into the van and grabbed yet anther jug of liquid latex and began to pour very slowly and carefully down my back, chest, and lower neck, stomach. He seemed to pay a lot of attention to the tit clamps and button & zipper on the Levi’s, essentially gluing them with the liquid latex.  He went over those spots sever times, each after the first layer dried.  I had long streaks all over my back and front.  You could barely see the tit clamps underneath all the latex covering them, just the chain connecting them was exposed.  There were even some strikes down the surface of my jeans.  Next came the collar which first my neck and the back of the locking collar, complete with D-rings was painted with the latex, then Kal put it on kind of tightly.  He followed this by sealing waist of the Levi’s with more of the liquid.  After that he took notice of a smaller bottle of that stuff, about 8 oz., and decided that he was going to pour it into the boots, which he did.   He wasn’t finished just yet, he took a gallon paint can filled with more liquid latex and opened it, placed it on the edge of the van floor.  Kal told me to stick my hands into the can, all the way to the bottom.  When I took them out, he let them dry just a little, till they became tacky, then he told me to put them behind my back and to interlock my to hands together.  This glued them together.  After about 5 more dunks, he stuck them to my back down by the waist, gluing them to my lower back.  Boy what a feeling!

As the latex dried it began to shrink.  When it was all dried, about an hour.  We got back in the van and got back onto the highway.  When we finally got back to Kal’s house it was around 12:30AM.  As it turned out it wasn’t even his house, but a friend that was throwing a fair-sized private party.  Before we went in he had one more thing to add.  It was very thick leather hood with a very big gag in it, no holes for eyes or mouth and two extremely small holes for the nose.  The hood locked on to the collar and was very snug to the face.  There wasn’t a wrinkle or gap anywhere.

Now Kal was done with my 1st phase of my torment, just adding an extremely heavy chain to the collar as a leash.

I could barely hear through the thick hood, but there seem to be a lot of people who were admiring his handy work.

When we left about three hours later, Kal had decided that he would not remove anything off of me.

Kal leave only about 45 min from the party.  After getting into his house he took the hood off of me.  I asked him if I could piss, that was a bad mistake.  Kal said, “Why in the world do you think I went through all that trouble to seal you up like that?” then said, “Just for asking such a stupid question like that, I’m going to punish you even more!”

Boy did he ever.  Kal first put a latex hood on me, with no holes, just tiny pinholes for the nose area and a fairly large-sized firm gag.  That hood must have been the world’s tightest hood.  Next he put on me a metal hood, almost like a helmet but completely sounding my head and neck, which was fastened together with Allen screws.  Once that was on, which was just a little to small for me, Kal walked me downstairs to a room in the basement, where he proceeded to put spreader bars on me, both wrists and ankles.  Kal was really enjoying himself and secretly so was I.  Then Kal had an idea.  He had decided to fasten me to an unfinished wall that he has been working on for a long time.  Once this was accomplished Kal hooked a chain to the top of the metal hood and locked it to a ceiling joist, pulling up as he did.  Now came the 2×4, which he placed under the chin of the metal hood, then bolted them in place.  Kal proceeded to put a few more boards, one just under my tits, one across my thighs, one across my knees and one down by the feet.  Then Kal said happily, “Good night, we see you in the morning.”

Needless to say I could not sleep a wink, but boy I tell you, what a feeling.  From time to time it sounded like there was someone in the room with me, but I couldn’t be total sure.  I don’t know how long I was like that, but when he came down a freed my from the wall it was 4:30 PM on SAT.  Kal removed the hoods and let me eat a little.  Then he said, “Now you have to get cleaned up for the next task that I have ready for you.” then went on to say, “You have 25 minutes to free yourself of that mess you have on, OR ELSE!”

Well, let me tell you, getting liquid latex off you is difficult enough but when it’s mixed with clothing, it’s extremely hard to remove.  As you may have guessed I didn’t make the time limit and to add to the matter, I didn’t have the keys for the various locks on me.  So he punished me again.

First he shaved my head completely, then came a fairly large solid metal butt plug, then Kal put on me a pair of swimming eye blocks and filled my ears with foam ear plugs, then took a thick rubber suit out that covered the body from head to toe.  The suit had in the hood portion a built-in good size gag that would completely fill my mouth, and had just a little opening up by the neck to get into, but first Kal filled it with something.  As I squeezed into it with his help, I suddenly realized what he filled it with, Liquid latex, just what I needed.  Once the suit was completely on he worked the gag into my mouth.  Next Kal worked the liquid latex in the suit all over and even over the head.  I was glued 100% to the suit.  Again the hood of the suit had no eye or mouth holes, but this time there were no nose holes just two small tubes that was about 36″ long.  I felt him put a wide metal collar (the kind that lock to a handcuff assembly) on me after sealing the small opening in which I entered the suit through. I felt him put on a lock that was big and very heavy and all I could do was moan.  Kal went on to put some boots on me, and that was all that he had me wear, finally we were done putting all this on at 5:30 PM.

Kal took me out to some private club the way I was dressed.  All night people rubbed ice, fondled me, etc., and someone stuck very tight tit clamps on me after I was handcuff behind my back with the type that has a bar that runs from the handcuffs to the back of the collar.  Man what a night.  I soon found out why what the nose tube was for, to block my breathing easily from time to time and to make me inhale certain spells, I’ll let you guess the many different things I had inhaled that night.

As you could imagine it was very hot in that suit.  We finally left at quarter of four in the morning.  Kal was too tired to release me from the suit and left everything else on me.  Before he went to bed he tied me with a tremendous amount of rope to a chair in the bedroom, placing my handcuff contraption on my hands behind the back of the chair.  My feet and legs were tied firmly to the legs of the chair.  The chair was bolted to large board on the floor, to prevent any movement of the chair.  I have to wonder if he was really to tired or just said that.

On Sunday at 4:15 PM Kal released me from the chair and finally he was able to peel off the suit.

Before we left to go to drop me off back at my house, Kal gave me some clothes to wear, a pair of spandex shorts and a T-back tank top (both Extra small), and an old pair of black military boots.  Soon after we left his house I realized what Kal had done to the spandex, he must have soaked them with Icyhot and then let them dry.  I looked over at him and he just smiled and said, “I see the ride home is heating up for you!”

Along the way we stopped for some dinner.  Then he sidetracked and took a different highway.  I asked him what he was doing.  He said, “New York City, sense this is your vacation I think well spend a few days in the city.”

When we got into town, we were both tied to do much so we checked into our hotel.  After we both showered, Kal tied me up into a tight hog-tie position on the bed.  After that he fastened a rubber ball gag in my mouth and flips me onto my stomach.  Kal then gave me a kiss and said goodnight.

The next morning Kal woke me up.  He was ready for something.  Kal had me dress up in a complete baseball uniform, again a little too tight; I think he likes it that way.  Again the Jock cup was filled with more Icyhot.  I had to walk through the streets of New York all day like that.

When evening came he had me change and take a shower, etc.  Then came the finally of my bondage.  Kal had me wear a full body metal harness complete with attached collar, thigh bands, upper armbands and a face cage, all metal was welded to one another.  He had a friend make this to fit me from measurements taken on a previous adventure with him. There was even a wide cock ring.  The crotch piece was on a hinge and locked so he could determine when I could go to the bathroom.  Kal thought it would be fun to add the metal butt plug back in, so he did.  Their was also a metal jock pouch attached and had not a lock but an Allen wrench screw.  Occasionally he would put a gag in me that screwed onto the face cage.

I wore this for four days, even when I showered, before Kal decided to take it off.  The only time I got to leave the rental room was a night when he took me out like that; except he had me wear some very short, snug leather shorts over the body cage.

Kal never stopped the torment during the whole adventure.  Even the ride back home was fun.  Kal had me wear a jock cup completely smothered with Icyhot followed by an extraordinarily tight pair of black biking shorts with white lettering on the sides. Then came the tit clamps covered by a bicycling shirt.  For shoes, he had me wear a pair of biking socks and shoes complete with the cleats.  Before we left he put a butt plug that had wires coming out of it leading up to a small pack that he clipped on the waist of my shorts behind me.  Every time we stopped somewhere he would turn on the pack that sent varying degrees of shocks to the putt plug.  The more people who were in a place the more Kal would increase the intensity of the shocks.  Incase you haven’t guessed yet, Kal made a point to stop everywhere possible.  The normal two-hour ride turned into a nine-hour ride.  The toughest to deal with was when we were in a restaurant, and he had the shocks going will I was sitting though the whole dinner.  Sometimes he would have me go to the restroom just to see me walk through the crowded restaurant while the putt plug was running.

When we got to my house Kal came in for a while.  He wanted to see my reaction when he removed the tit clamps after wearing them for just over nine hours straight, how they never slipped off I’ll probably never know.  Kal before taking them off first stuffed a huge ball gag in my mouth and buckled it around my head.  Next he hog-tied me and let me suffer for about 45 minutes, then stated to jerk me off adding Icyhot as he did.  Then he yanked one of the tit clamps off than the other one, but he didn’t stop there.  He then proceeded to vigorously play with them.  Finally he allowed me to cum, but would not release me until he came all over my face and let it dry, only than did he release me.

In all in all this was a very good experience for me, and believe it or not I loved every single minute of it.

We just recently had anther-exiting experience, but that’s anther story in its self.

This true story is Copyright © 2011 by: RubberBoundCOP


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