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Spending the day as a full onset rubber gimp can be a lot of fun. In this scene I am where a CB-3000 chastity device, rubber plug, a thick rubber suit, rubber pants, rubber jacket, a rubber hood with mirrored lenses and built-in inflatable tube gag. A locked collar was added over the hood. A belt was cinched to the last notch and then locked in place. The zipper to the pants was also locked to the belt. 30 eye hole boots were added just before the iron shackles which locked with a hex screw. To complete this ensemble a pair of rubber ball mitts was added. All Rubber elements where very well lubed with very thick j-lube to ensure that this gimp was going to remain super horny.

It was very easy to stay hard in all that and that’s just what happened, remained as hard as one could in chastity.  Every little movement became an agitator in the horny factor.

During my gimped period I was allowed to chat on the web, but it was a real challenge as I had to use the easer side of a pencil to hit each key.  Ball mitts do aid in typing at all, LOL!

When release came 8 hours later the rubber ball mitts were taken off me and then I was handed a pile of keys and a hex wrench and told to free myself.  Boy did that take some time but all well worth the effort.

All and All a scene I would not repeating ASAP.  🙂

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Handcrafted Chastity Belts by Behind Barz


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