Losing bets can be a task at times.  After losing the second bet of the new year I would have to spend a 48 hour period minimum locked in rubber with a side of electro.

Heres how it went down:

First my CB-3000 chastity was locked into place.  Next I had to install my electro plug connected to my ET-301R unit.  The wire to the plug would be fed in between the zippers of the crotch zips that were pulled up to rear waist line and the two zipper pull’s were locked together.  The suit was coated heavily with very thick j-lube on the entire inside surface. Rubber toe socks were next to be put on followed by a pair of rubber pants.  Once all the air was squished out of the suit I had to put on a pair rubber industrial gloves and my rubber cycle jacked tucked into the pants.  A belt was cinched to the last notch and locked in place.  I put on a pair of rubber boots on and then locked a collar over the suit which would complete part one.  the ET-301R unit was fitted into the back pocket of the rubber pants.

Setting the electro to random at level 35 I had to throw on some casual cloths over the rubber and a black bomber jacket before heading out of the house to run some tasks ordered to complete.

Before leaving I had to leave the electro remote controller in my desk draw.  Now I was ready to head out to complete the tasks ordered to me.

1st on the list, head to the adult store and pick up 3 items.  While checking out I think the sales clerk suspected or may have seen the rubber collar which the coat did not come close to covering. I was told that while in public that the cloves and hood did not have to be worn but had to be back on when not in public.  Anyways the sale clerk had a charming smile on him and hinted to knowing of the rubber.

Now on to the next task, head to the supermarket and pick up a 6 pack of protein shakes and two large bottles of yellow Gatorade.

Finally, I had to stop by a gas station to fill up the cars tank afterwards heading home.

Settling back at the house after putting the shakes and Gatorade in the fridge, I headed back upstairs to work on part II.

Part II considered of the removal of the casual cloths and coat.  Putting on a rubber hood with built-in inflatable tube gag with mirrored lenses after wax ear plugs filled the ears.  The hood was also equipped with nose tubes that inserted well up each nostril.  More very thick pasty j-lube coated the entire inside of the hood.  Zipping the hood in the back and making sure it was nicely tucked into the collar portion of the rubber suit.  Then the rubber collar that was over all that was unlocked, tightened to the point that a pinky could only enter the top of it but not fully slide down the collar.  It was locked again after the tightness was approved and proven to not be too tight but definitely tight enough that its restriction was always apparent to me.

Three pumps to the inflatable gag and the electro remote was taken out of the draw and I was ordered to increase it to 45 for 45 minutes at a time.  In between the 45 minutes time slots I was to lower it to 20 for 20 minutes.  This would have to be down till bedtime which would be at 1:00am but would not know that until 12:45am.

Four long treats would have to be introduced to the breather tube on the hour every hour.  If I missed a time I had to double on the next hour.

A large feeding syringe was filled with the protein shake once every hour on the half past and forced down the breather tube of the gag then the tube was rinsed by forcing a half filled syringe dose of Gatorade.

It was time for bed now so I was allowed to turn off the electro and the gag could be deflated and pumped up with one pump.    I would have to set my alarm clock for 4am first.

Sleeping was not easy because I was so dam horny.  When the alarm went off I had to follow the instruction I was given.  Because I had missed two treats while sleeping and actually a third one because by the time I was back out of bed it was 4:01am I had to take double for each missed so that was 12 long treats after pumping the gag three more times and setting the electro back to random and up to level 52.  I would have to endure the effect for 30 minutes before I would have to return back to bed.  This time the electro would be set to waves at 24.  The gag was deflated and pumped back up with two squeezes.

Some time would pass before I fell asleep (sort of).  When I awoke in the morning around 9-ish I had to repeat the 4am exercise then I was allowed to cam to a friend in the UK who wanted to witness the every hour task.

Although the day I would get various text messages on to the settings to apply to the electro plug.  I was only allowed to turn it off twice, once at 1pm for 20 minutes and once at 8pm for 50 minutes.

For the evening I had to repeat the previous days scene and same for sleeping.  When 8am came around I was allowed to be released and clean-up the place.

Always make sure someone is around and always use proper safety measures when conducting a scene like this one. One should never do these types of scenes alone!

Electro is NOT for everyone. Know your body and always use extreme caution when using these types of equipment. If you are new, consult an experienced person even if are doing with another person. You never can get too much good advice!

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