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A long-term fan of mine, Seth who had decided to finally approach me.  After talking for a bit about the “betting” stories on my site he convinced me to place a bet with me.  The bet was on a local college football game. To both our amazement I lost.

This gave him his way, later stating he was hoping to win; so first he had me to put on a chastity device, butt plug and a very tight and thick latex suit with a high collar line over it.  a layer of very thick J-lube coated the entire inside of the suit.  Once the suit was on I was ordered to make various movement like squats, etc.  This was to squish out any remain air left in the suit.

After all the air was vacated from the suit he handed me a 3mm thick wetsuit.  So on the suit went, and as it was pulled over the latex suit it road the suit up my crack forcing the butt plug in further.  Once the wetsuit was fully on and zipped He handed me another but this one was a 7mm thick one.  This one rally stiffened my movements up one it was on and zipped.  The zippers were locked together.

A pair of black padded football pants where next on Seth’s list making sure to cinch the belt tight as possible and then a little more than that.  This was followed by a football jersey and a pair of rubber boots that Seth had me wear.

A posture collar was locked over the rubber neck of the suit nice and tight.  He could barely fit his pinky halfway down the collar.

He thought for a minute or two then rummaged through his gym bag and pulled out a used sports sock of his and made a ball of it and shoved it in my mouth.  Next he went digging through my gear and found a jock cup muzzle and fastened it tightly on me.

Working me up for a few minutes before Seth took a pair of heavy han cuffs that he locked in place over some very thick wetsuit gloves that he had fitted me with earlier.  To complete his look he locked a chain to a ring on the collar and connected it to the handcuffs an a baseball cap was added.

Before he left to go to work he made sure I was worked up enough to satisfy himself.

During his lunch he stopped by and removed the hard shield on the muzzle piece and went back into his gym bag and dug out another used sock but this time he pissed on it till it was soaked,  ringed it out a bit and worked it into the muzzle.  Now all I could smell was his piss then he left me like that and returned back to work.

My instructions for what to do why he was away was to surf the net.  I had to squirm vigorously while sitting in the chair.  Every time I was cruised online I have to start the camera to record a video as evidence then get up, walk to back of the room and do 10 squats with legs spread as far apart as possible then return to the chair and continue squirming and turn the camera off till the next cruise.  If more than one came in at a time or while I was doing the task I had to repeat until all were addressed and accounted for.  Being a weekend this would prove for a real workout.

Later in the evening Seth returned late.  He had apparently went out to dinner after work.  After he settled in he refreshed the sock in the muzzle with more piss but also soaked the sock he was using as a gag with his piss but did not ring that one out.

A few more hours of torment and watching a football game on TV would go on before he allowed me to get out and clean-up.  What a mess it was to,  a ton of sweat, J-lube, etc.  to clean up inside and what had soaked into the wetsuits not to mention the few loads of piss that was entered into the suit since I had no other option.

I think Seth enjoyed his winnings a little bit too much but we both had a great time.  He is already trying to place another bet.  He wants to double the stakes for me if I lose again, hummm…



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