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The following story is written by Irishsubpup after his two-day stay with me.  A wonderful pup who has already been back a few time and I look forward to many more.  Pictures and video Copyright © 2012 RubberBoundCOP, story Copyright © 2012 Irishsubpup

After a Chance meeting through a mutual friend, the RubberboundCOP saw an interest in myself and wished to help mold and shape me.  Or break me, by the end I wasn’t sure which. But I’m getting ahead of myself.

As I entered the house, Sir spared no time. “Clothes off, pup!”

So I stripped down, and while I did he left, returning with a tight metal collar with a padlock on the back, and a short metal chain leash.  He snapped it on, it was rather snug, and he gave it a firm yank on the leash after it was on.  I yelped and he shook his head, giving me a swift smack to my exposed balls.  I tried to restraint my yelp that time, he could tell “Good pup” and lead me down to his dungeon.  He showed me his vast array of gas masks, hoods, pup paws, other collars and leashes.

“If you behave pup, you will experience these firsthand, but I have something special planned for you. But for now you must wait, stand here, legs spread, good posture, pup.  I’ll be back.”

My cock throbbed with excitement at the gear I saw, and the mention of a special plan made it start to glisten with a drop of pre-cum at the tip.  At that he hooked the leash to a chain hanging from the ceiling and left, turning the lights off.  My body was trembling from the cool air and mostly excitement.  I stood at attention for what felt like forever, but was probably only a couple minutes.When he returned, the lights remained off.

“Leg up pup, slide it in gently.”

I lifted my leg and felt something cool and slick gliding against my skin.  As my foot slid further in, it got tighter and tighter.  The rubber slipped onto me like I was born for it, like a glove.  Other leg went in just as easily, followed by my arms. To my surprise the suit had Gloves built on, and some of the lube had pooled in the fingertips.  I squished it around with my fingers and palm, get accustomed to the slick, erotic feeling.  He pulled the suit up around my cock and torso.  The slick, lubed rubber against my cock made me release a torrent of pre-cum and my knees went weak for just a second.

“Up straight pup!”

He had noticed my movement, and a moment later I felt another solid smack on my crotch.  I tried to stifle my yelp and only let a small whine out.  He seemed pleased and continued sliding the suit up. I then noticed part of it was going over my head. It had an attached pup hood!  He then made me suck in as he zipped it up.  There I stood, in the dark, covered from head to toe in a thick rubber suit and coated in a slimy substance that quickly warmed up to my body temp.  Then he slid some thick leather boots over my exposed feet, the last part of my human skin, my humanity, gone.  The collar I had been wearing had been removed to slide the hood on, then replaced.

“Now, basic rule pup.  Start squirming, do not stop unless I tell you to.  If pup stops, he will be punished.”

I barked, acknowledging his demand, and began to slide my hips and thighs around in the suit, bending my knees  to squeeze any remaining air out.  My cock rubbed against the slick, thick surface of the suit, and it made me hornier than ever.  I couldn’t help but writhe and squirm inside the suit.  The feeling was phenomenal. Unlike anything I had experienced in my life. I let out a bark and a soft howl.

“You like it pup?  This is my favorite suit. Custom made.  I can’t fit in it any longer but it shall be suitable for you.”

I Barked enthusiastically in agreement.  During the conversation I forgotten to keep wiggling.  I felt a sharp pull on the leash chain, and my paws were pulled behind me.  I felt cool iron around my wrists and heard the click of more padlocks.

“I told you to keep squirming, I won’t tell you again, pup.”

I barked an acknowledgement and returned to my squirming, my cock was throbbing from the lube and rubbing against the tight suit.  Still in the dark, I felt a tug on my leash, and followed Sir upstairs to his room.

“I’m going to show you off to my friends. My new pup.”

Looking through the eye holes I saw his webcam running, recording me as I writhed in my slick black prison.  No, prison is the wrong word… because I had never felt so free. Enthralled by the change in scenery and my raptured ecstasy, I had once again stopped wiggling.

Sir sighed and pushed me onto my knees, I felt the tight click of shackles around my ankles over the boots.  I adjusted my paws and noticed they were linked by a short chain to my legs.

“Now, keep the chains taut, or I will tighten them. Understand pup?”

I barked yes.  I continued wiggling, seeing myself in the feed of the webcam, catching Sir in the corner of my eye, snapping photos as I writhed, feeling an orgasm well up inside me. Sir pulled the leash, and his heavy booted foot pushed against my crotch, sliding my cock around in the lube and making me even harder, if that was somehow possible. I squirmed and wiggled as he pushed and pressed on my crotch, a sadistic grin crossing his face.  This continued for several agonizing, amazing minutes.

“Pup getting excited? If pup comes, he won’t get out of the suit.”

I couldn’t tell if that was a threat or a promise, and pondered for a second… letting my body rest by accident.  I immediately felt my leash being yanked down and the click of a heavy lock.  I could now no longer sit up straight, the leash had been locked to my leg chain.  The leash rubbed the crotch of the suit, unleashed another flow of sensations and I moaned, unable to control it.  My legs trembled from the rush.  My head still unable to fully look up, I could help but bark and whine as the combination of sensations pushed me to the edge.  But I could do it… couldn’t release. My cock was stiff, gushing pre-cum, but never finished the job.  After a couple of hours of this, Sir smiled.

“Good pup, now you’re a good listener.”

He led me to the shower and had me clean off. as the suit came off I felt myself being contained into the real world.  The darkness of the suit was nothing compared to the darkness outside.  I almost regretted getting out of it. I should have just come.  I stepped out of the bathroom, where Sir was waiting with a set of leather hospital cuffs, attached to each other by thick chains, also a thick leather collar with a leash.  He secured and locked me into these quickly.  I was still naked otherwise.

“Pup, you will sleep in these. I will see you in the morning. Be a good pup. No coming.”

He gestured to a small pile of folded blankets on the floor and a pillow. I curled up on the blankets and yawned, falling asleep almost instantly.

Several hours later I was jerked awake by a rough tug on my leash. I yelped and opened my eyes. Sir was there, firm grip on the chain.

“Morning boy, time to get dressed, we have errands.”

He undid the shackles and removed the leash from the collar, and slid a thick metal cockring around my sack and cock.  Then He handed me a pair of tight white boxer briefs, a skin-tight t-shirt and tight-fitting acid wash jeans, followed by a pair of black leather boots.  After some effort I slid into the uniform.  The tight material pushed the ring taunt against my body, my balls throbbed.

“Looks good boy, now let’s go.”

We left his house and drove to have breakfast, followed by some shopping errands, most notably purchasing several rolls of shiny black duct tape. Upon returning he led me back down to the dungeon, and stripped me of my uniform.  He told me to stand spread eagle in the cold dungeon, and left me in the dark for several minutes to retrieve supplies.  When he returned I had remained in position as instructed.  First he placed a thick strip of duct tape over my mouth.  He left the lights off as I began to feel him wrapping my chest with plastic wrap.  He worked down my legs, ordering me to remain spread, and wrapped down over my feet and tightly up my crack.  The cockring pressed into me once again, balls and cock swelled and throbbing.  He finished with my arms and hands, wrapping my hands into balled fists.  My breathing was restricted from the wrap and the tape over my mouth.   He then began with the Duct tape, wrapping me in three layers total from neck to toes.  Standing stiff as a scarecrow I wiggled inside my new skin, enjoying the close feel of security.  He then slid a thick pair of Rubber wader boots on my feet and snapped the collar back around my neck. he topped off the look with a slick black gas mask, with a hose attached.

The light came on and he ordered me to walk upstairs to his room, where his cam was located.  Each step was a struggle, but Sir prodded me with a firm slap to the ass if I did not move fast enough.  At last I reached the top, when Sir took his seat and started the cam.  He ordered me to start squirming and he called up his friend to show off his handiwork.  Noting I had begun to get hard, stuck a small bottle into the end of tubing and held it there, a strong, pungent scent was forced into my nostrils and I got light-headed, and my cock got stiff as a board.  Moaning and wiggling like a cocooned caterpillar for over an hour as his friend chatted with him.  After a while they hung up.

“Time for dinner boy, You want pizza?”

I nodded, of course. I was starving.

“Well it wouldn’t matter if you agreed or not.”

He began carefully taking the tape off my neck, face and arms.

I stood as commanded. The lingering scent of the poppers still in my nostrils and my cock still throbbing.  Still wrapped up to my chest in shiny black tape, he ordered me to get back in my uniform, which was even tighter fitting over the tape.  He had me keep the waders on as well.  We went to the pizza place, and ordered. We spent a couple of hours out, my body getting more and more claustrophobic and sweating, and I had to piss.  Of course, there was no getting out of the tape, so I had to let go where I was. The warm sensation flowed down my thighs and into the boots.  Sir smiled as I shifted uncomfortably.  He knew what had just happened.

We paid and left, and upon getting home I was finally freed, and told to wash up.  He wanted his boy pup nice and clean before bed.  Upon leaving the shower I was re-collared with the tight metal collar.  He then forced a large rubber plug into my ass and placed me into a full body leather harness.  He pulled the buckles snugly and pushed my cock and balls through the built-in cock ring, before affixing a metal chastity device over my cock, coated on the inside with slimy lube.  My cock tried to swell and get hard, but only met with pain and I squirmed and moaned.  The plug pressed against my prostate and made every shifting motion another stimulation for the erections I couldn’t achieve.

“Get used to it, boy. You’re in that for the long haul.”

Then he got a set of cold metal shackles with short chains and linked my ankles together, then my wrists. He led me to the blankets I had slept on the previous night and pushed me down onto them.

“Now sleep boy. And no coming. Or you wont get those off.”

My body was exhausted from the days events, but it was impossible to get comfortable without shifting and pressing the plug deeper inside.  After an hour of careful movements, I finally closed my eyes and drifted off, dreams of my tight duct tape prison drifting in my pup brain.

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