Here is yet another lost bet, (I do win just as many as I lose but I am not allowed to post those scenes.)

The bet was on a local sports game.  The consequence was sealed in an envelope by a third-party so neither of us would try to win or lose based on it.

Obviously I lost the bet so Logan opened the envelope and read it aloud.  To summarize it stated the loser would have to be fully encased in two layers of rubber head to toe while plugged and a chastity to be locked on.  A gag of the winners choice must be worn at all awake times.  Rubber wader boots had to be worn and must be filled twice with both the losers and winners urine by the end of the 24 hour period or the scene would have to be repeated over and over again until it was achieved.  The catch was a 12 hour period would be added to each time it was repeated and the number of fills would also increase by one for each advancement.

I also had to wear ear buds connected to my iPhone and had to listens to whatever Logan wished me to and all of his communications were conveyed through the iPhone by calling it.  Soft silicone ear plugs were formed around each of the ear buds to make sure that I did not hear any outside noises.

Logan decided to add some of his own items so he filled the first suit with some j-lube.  He rinsed the suit then coated the suit with a heavy layer of powdered j-lube.  Then as I was getting into it he continued to added more powder to the suit.  It all became a very sticky and slimy mess as I began to sweat.

We managed to fill them almost just above the knees so we have to repeat next time we get together.

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