Not to long ago I was contacted by a guy that owns a motorcycle shop.  He expressed that he was a huge fan of my site and wanted to know if I would be interested in doing a scene with him. 

After we talked for a few weeks and exchanging some images of each other and then doing a few Skype sessions we agreed to finally meet.

Per his request I have agreed to conceal his name and any of the pictures of hm that were taken.

The weather finally has become nice enough for him to ride his motorcycle.   This gave him the idea to have me in cycle leathers prior to his arrival.   Here is what he specifically wanted me in prior to his arrival:  CB-071 (Birdlock chastity), my rubber Square peg Charlie horse butt plug, full thick rubber catsuit (well powdered with j-lube), my LYCRA triathlon suit over the rubber, ball gag leather slave collar locked on snugly, full body leather harness cinched as tight as possible everywhere especially up the ass to force and keep the butt plug in as far as possible, my one piece leathers, sunglasses, half helmet, and touring style motorcycle boots.

After all this was on I had to do a series of exercises to squish and air that might be left in the suit fully out.  One all the air was vacated out of the suit I had to sit puppy style on the floor facing the computer, head down till he let himself in and came up to the office and instructed me further.

By the time he arrived I was well primed and completely horny, all ready for him.   The first thing he did was to remove the ball gag from the collar and thread a chain in its place and locked with a heavy large lock.   Then he began to have too much fun tormenting and teasing me.

Sometime passed before he wrapped things up at the house and took me to his bike and off we were to head over to a friend of his that lived about an hour and half away.

Once we arrived at his friends I learned he was hosting a small play party.  There I was allowed to remove that helmet so we could have some fun.

After playing around for about three hours we headed back home.  The cool night air was a much-needed relief on the ride back.

Once home I showered and then the two of talked for a while before he headed back to his house.



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