New Gimp on the Rise…

[dc]A[/dc]fter GearMedic submitted the online form for the No1 Extra Gimp Package from my Dungeon Packages section of this site we got to chatting online which lead to our first “over the net” scene. 

Here he is gimping it up in hopes to have many more in person.

He is wearing a rubber catsuit (nice thick and tight) with a cod piece to which he is wearing a rubber sheath over his privates under the cod piece cover.  To that I had him add some tight rubber gloves to which another thick pair of industrial gloves was added.  A locked set of wrist restraints along with a locked collar helped get him in the right mind-set but the wedge gag I think really did the job.

An amazing guy that I would VERY much enjoying having as one of my gimp’s.   I look forward to future endeavors with this guy as he moves further into the gimpdom world.








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