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The Devolution Cycle : The Beginning

The following story is a fictional based with some real experiences infused.  This story and all of its content is Copyright © 2012 RubberBoundCOP.

Our story takes place in the not to distant future; set in a New England city in early fall (September).
[dc]T[/dc]he sub Adin and the Sir Kaiser met online about one year prior to this event.  They had been chatting almost daily and had been planning for this scene almost from the start.

SIR Kaiser agreed to send a box out to Adin that would contain all that he would have to wear for SIR’s arrival.  A set of instructions would also accompany the contents.

On Wednesday Adin received a large box from FedEx.   He was under strict orders not to open the box till SIR gave him permission to do so.  When Thursday evening came around SIR and Adin had a cam session over the net.  SIR had instructed Adin to open the box on cam.   As soon as he cut the seal and lifted the box flaps open he saw a paper lying on top off a rubber suit.  SIR instructed him to read each instruction one line at a time and to do each instruction as he read them.

The first instruction said to the rubber suit and dust the inside of it heavily with J-lube.  After it is dusted he was to get into the suit and zip it shut.  The suit was very thick (1.2mm)  and extremely tight but he managed to squeeze into it and finally get the rear zipper shut sealing him into it.  Only perforated eyes allowed him to see out of the suit.  Nose tubes inserted into each nostril allowed for free breathing.  The built-in breathing tube gag allowed for feeding and extra breathing if needed at times.  The built-in gloves and toe socks ensured he was fully sealed in.  The suit was equipped with only two holes; one at anal entry point and one for the cock and balls.  Finally he was to do a series of exercises designed to squish any remaining air out if the suit which completed the first instruction.

Second was to take the metal chastity belt which included a metal anal tube/plug.  There was no key in the box, SIR warned Adin not to fasten it to tight or to lose because he would not get any chance to readjust once the integrated lock clicked.  In attempt to impress SIR, Adin forced the metal strap of the deceive firmly up his ass forcing his cheeks to spread apart and cinched the belt straps tightly into the locking mechanism.  As soon as he went to sit in a chair he realized that he should have listened to SIR but knew he could do nothing about it now.  SIR had great pleasure watching Adin trying to coupe with it.

On to instruction three.  This was to take out the second suit and lube it with the pre mixed J-lube included in the package.  This suit was also very thick and tight but only was neck to ankle.  There was no attached gloves or feet.   The zipper was a front zipper that went from upper waist to the top of the 4″ neck collar.

Instruction four was to put on the 30 eye hole rubber boots and lace them snuggly up to the second to last lace holes using the ladder style lacing method.  The top lace holes where to be locked with two of the inclosed clocks.

For the fifth instruction, he had to take the enclosed metal collar over both the suits and to add the metal wrist and ankle bands.  These all locked seamless once the clicked into themself which completed the list of instructions.

After carefully inspect Adin’s handwork SIR said, “Ok boy, looks great; see you Saturday morning!” and ended the internet session.   Adin had no clue that he would have to wait till Saturday to see him and in gear to top it but had no choice at this point.

At the bottom of the box was some bottles of protein shakes which would be the only meals he would be able to take through the tube gag.  Other than that Adin had no clue what he was to do till SIR arrived so he decided to check his e-mail to see if there was anything further from SIR and sure enough there was an e-mail from SIR.

The e-mail instructed him to take the protein shakes every two hours using the feeding syringe that was in the box.  He could also feed himself with a sports drink twice every hour.

Sleeping was a bit of a challenge but manged to drift in and out all night long.  He was under orders to sleep upright in a chair so not to choke on any flem build-up that may occur.

When Saturday morning rolled around, Adin was awakened by the sound of a motorcycle pulling up into his driveway.  It was SIR arriving at 8:00am on his bike.  Adin quickly put on his S-10 gas mask per prior orders from SIR.  When the doorbell rang Adin headed downstairs and opened the door.  He was excited to see SIR all decked out in gear.   Till this point Adin had only seen a small face shot of SIR.  SIR was in full leather; a pair of EXTREMELY skin-tight leather breeches where no wrinkles where present not even a half of a wrinkle.  These where stuffed inside he very polished knee-high highway patrol boots.  He was also wearing a very will fitted long-sleeve leather shirt that left nothing to imagination over his very well-built body.  The leather jacket with quilted like patterns over his shoulders made them look even broader if that was possible.  The jacket was opened just enough to reveal the leather shirt and the white leather ties he had on.  A pair of leather gauntlet gloves went over the jacket sleeves.  A wide leather utility belt buckled over another leather belt he was wearing.  A wide assortment of utility was attached to the belt including a pair of handcuffs at the back of the belt.  A Leather Military Cap and pair of police style mirrored sunglasses completed the look.

As SIR walked into the house passing by Adin, a bit of rubber could be seen peaking just above SIR’s leather collar of the shirt.   It was the rubber collar from a full rubber suit he was wearing under all the leather.  While SIR passed by Adin he grabbed the tube connected to the gas mask and held it to his mouth and exhaled a full lungful of the segar smoke from the segar he was smoking then holding his thumb over the tube forcing Adin to exhale all the smoke breath by breath.  Once his thumb release Adin was greeted with the stong smell of poppers for several breaths.  All this to ensure Adin was well primed for his term of bondage.

Once SIR was happy with the results of his priming treatment he took a leash and clipped it on Adin’s collar and lead him down to the basement.  There Adin was handcuffed to a pole, back to it and hands behind the pole.  Next came the ankles, using leg shackles with the chain threading behind the pole.  To complete the bindings a wide thick leather belt was wrapped around his waist and pole only to be cinched VERY tight.

Now all secure to the pole SIR stared at him straight in the eyes and began to speak to him; conditioning him into to whom was in authority.  Over and Over the statements where repeated injected with a new one here and there slowly building up.

After about an hour went by when SIR decided to un do Adin from the pole.  Allowing him to stretch out on the floor for another 15 or so minutes then it was time to remove the head-gear only, to be followed by covering the currently worn gear with street clothes.

It was now time for dinner so off the two went; on the motorcycle to a local restaurant for dinner.

This concludes this part of the story.  In the next part we will pickup when they leave the restaurant.  Till them enjoy the rest of my site!




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