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[dc]I[/dc] met Seth online about a year ago.  After exchanging a ton of instant messages and a lot of e-mails we started to call one another.   After a couple of months Seth started to send me pictures of how he pictured me in our first scene together.  The pictures where of various men in head to toes skintight rubber in different bondage position.  Liking what he was sending we agreed to meet.  I was out of work so Seth proposed if I would spend at least a couple of months with him as a 100% rubber boy or gimp then he in return would take care of my expenses and any related cost.  I was hesitant in the beginning but after a lot of persuasion on his behalf I gave in and agreed.  At that point Seth wanted to send me a package of stuff for me to wear for his arrival, not realizing he was sending it Fed-Ex that day.  I received 2 large boxes the next day.  I asked him about them and he said before I could open them I had to turn on the cam and so I did.  He also wanted me to be 100% shaven head to toe including eyebrows prior to logging onto the cam program.

Seth wanted me to just try everything on to make sure it all fit or so he claimed encase any items did not fit they could be returned and replaced prior to his arrival.  Following his instructions I began by inserting to ear buds that would connect to my phone set to auto answer.  Around the ear buds would be filled with swimmers wax.  Next I was the two sticky electro pads and place each one over each tit after coating them with superglue and firmly pressing them as hard as possible till the glue set.  Then I was to take the rubber suit on top and mixed some of the enclosed j-lube.  It was a 1.2mm thick suit and good thing for the j-lube which greatly aided in the ultra skintight suit on.  It came equipped with an attached hood with a built-in inflatable tube gag and rubber tubes that inserted into each nostril and were fed up the nostrils and down into the throat area. The inserted part of the tubes where the same as the medical ones.  The eyes in the hood where a collection of perforated holes.  Also attached was a pair of thick rubber gloves and thick rubber toe socks.  The cock and balls went through a reinforced cod piece hole.

Seth had me take the next item, a Carrara chastity belt having me put it on over the rubber making sure that to attach the locking metal permanent butt plug and the wires that came out of the plug and wires that came out of the front of the chastity belt before chinching up the belt into a very snug position and not thinking locked it in place upon Seth’s order.  I could feel a three prong spikes hitting my cock head when I got really hard.  He had shipped the chastity belt with the short spike accessory to make sure I would only remain about 70% hard never more hardly less.  Before I clicked the locking mechanism he had me putt out the next 1.2mm thick rubber suit and ensure that the inside of it was also heavily coated with more of the thick j-lube that I had mixed up.  No sooner after it was fully coated I was ordered to carefully put it on over all that was on so far.  This suit had no hood like the fist one but did have rubber socks and rubber ball mitts permanently attached to it.  Along the outsides of each leg was white lettering that ran from the lower hips down to just above the knees that read “PROPERTY OF SETH”.

Before putting the suit fully on I was ordered that once I got it to my low chest I was to take the 30 eyehole rubber boots out of the box and lace them on tightly all the way up with the white lacing.  The remainder of the lacing would be wrapped around the to of the boot till the lock that was locked on the last eyeholes of each boot were fully covered by the lacing only allowing the lower part of each lock to show through the lace wrapping.

Following orders I finished getting into the second suit making sure to make a fist and tuck my thumbs inside the fist prior to squeezing them into the rubber ball mitts.  This certainly made the next steps very hard to do. I was ordered to make sure the zipper was zipped shut.  I was then ordered to take out the five metal bands out of the box.  Each was to be put on to each of the wrists and ankles and the wide one on the neck.  Each was to be closed once on till I heard and felt two clicks.  Each band fit snuggly on barely enough to even get a pinky in between the band and the rubber.

Finally I was ordered to take the wires that went to the plug and the chastity belt and connect them to a black box that was connected to a rubber belt centered to the back of the belt.  The belt has a locking buckle and was locked tightly in place with a large silver lock.  The nostril tubes were connected into another block box also connected to the belt located on the right side.  A case for the iPhone was on the left side connected to the belt.  The ear buds were reconnected to the iPhone after it was placed in the case.  One last wire was connected from the back block box to the right black box.

Once everything was connected he had me do a series of squats, turns and more squats for inspection and to vacate any air that might be remaining in the ultra tight rubber encasing.  The chastity belt was becoming ever so noticeable really crammed up the ass and as a result also furthering keeping the butt plug really firmly up the ass.

After about a 15 minutes from the last squat the phone rang and auto answered.  It was Seth, “Hello gimp, this is Seth your new SIR and controller!  Let me try this…”  And as soon as he said this I was shocked both up the ass and around the cock with a pulsing current.  “Now lets see what this does…”  Instantly a distinct smell traveled very quickly and strong up the nostril tubes.  Seth apparently had an auto feeder of 2-methylpropyl nitrite that fed at his command.  The feeder was controlled by the electro box which was controlled by satellite.

“Now take the rubber hat out of the box and take the rubber glue and coat the entire inside surface of the hat with it and firmly put it on making sure it is really tightly on and straight.”  The hat had  a false bottom and a wire that came out of the base of it.  It was to be connected to the black electro box after threading in-between the collar and the rubber suits (no easy task with ball mitts on).  A few seconds after it was connected, “Now I see what you see, take a look at your screen gimp!”  I did and I could see what I could see from the screen he was sharing.

“Now imagine staying like that for the next two weeks or so till I can fly over to your county and come visit!”  “Guess what gimp; YOU ARE GOING TO HAVE TO!  If you have not noticed I did NOT send any keys!!!  HEEE HEEE HEEEE HEEEE  Haaa Haaa Heeee!!!!!!!”   “See you in a few weeks gimp and just remember I have complete control over you now”  as the electro in the plug increased and the smell was re-forced up the tubes.

“Now for the feeding instructions, in the box should be a few large syringes that you will use to feed yourself liquids and protein shakes!”  “Enjoy yourself and turn on the self subliminal mp3’s now which will remain on and in a repeat loop till I arrive and may decided at that time to turn them off or not.”  “I will check in at least once daily maybe more, gimp!”

Now completely under the realization of just how f*cked I was, having no choice but to try to enjoy the rubber imprisonment that I was in now.

I hit play on the mp3’s as ordered.  The volume was not controlled by my apparently so how Seth had control of that to.  The volume would go up when the electro went higher.  When the electro went off the volume lowered most of the time to a very soft whisper like volume.   The mp3 recordings was a mix of various dance and techno music some with recordings of Seth over them.

His statements that overlaid the music where such statements like:

  • “I am its SIR it will forever address me as SIR, YES SIR!”
  • “The gimp will only know itself and only respond to “it” and “GIMP”, it will NOT recognize nor respond to any other reference from this point forward!”
  • “It will never want release from its rubber prison!”
  • “It will come to a full squat for 30 seconds whenever it hears a cough or clearing of the throat from anyone and anywhere and I mean anywhere, GIMP!”
  • “Every shock it feels from the butt plug will cause it to flex its ass cheeks to push the plug in, and I mean every time for ever pulse and no matter where, standing, sitting everywhere, public, private EVERYWHERE!”
  • “It will never question the SIR, NEVER!”
  • “All its answers will always be the same as its address to me, SIR, YES SIR!”
  • “Twice a day it will be allowed to remove the rod from the butt plug to clean out using the supplied tubes connected to it’s shower unit.  Once at 7am once at 10pm.  Miss any even by a minute and it will have to wait till the next time slot.”
  • “Crotch zip on outer suit must remain fully zipped at ALL times except when urinating or cleaning out.  Zipper must be re-zipped IMEDITATLY after each cleaning or urinating session.”
  • “Urinating may only be done by standing over a toilet, legs spread wide apart, legs and crotch halfway over the toilet.”
  • “It will NEVER wear anything over the rubber.  The rubber must be exposed 100% of the time and at 100% of the places it might go to.”
  • “Whenever you start to small the 2-methylpropyl nitrite it must without hesitation and begin to take LONG DEEP inhales through the nostril tubes and exhale through the breather tube in the built-in gag and repeat until absolutely no trace of the smell is in the tubes.  This is an absolute must gimp, NO EXCEPTION!”
  • “Whenever it in presence of myself (your SIR), whether in person or via cam it MUST remain constantly staring at me, never removing its eye contact with myself, NEVER!  Breaking eye contact will result in punishment without question.”
  • “Whenever the tit electros are going it MUST thrust its dick well forward into the chastity belt over and over till the electro to the tits stops completely.”
  • “When sitting and no electro is on pulsating or is completely turned off, it must spread its legs as far apart as it can and bounce or shaking them as if nervous till it is either standing or until electro current resumes.”
  • “While going to sleep and awaking it must without exception repeat the following to itself: “SIR, YES SIR, Seth is my one and only SIR!  SIR Seth is my SIR for LIFE! It will only obey and serve only SIR!  SIR, YES SIR!” and repeat with no gaps between repeats.”
  • “When music is on by its self (no music) it will flex its dick hard while it squeezes it ass cheeks tightly using only its ass muscles.  This applies whether it is standing, sitting or lying down!”
  • “While it is lying down it will only lay on its back.  Never to lie on its side of stomach.  This is LAW!”
  • “The GIMP must through out ALL clothing including underwear, socks, shirts, pants including jeans, etc. immediately!”

These messages would play randomly.  It would never know when to expect one or to which one would play.  It was never told what the silent ones said, those where truly subliminal.

At night just before going to bed it had to sit firmly and fully seated in a wooden chair while the black box was connected to a charging cord so it would recharge for exactly 90 minutes every night.  Afterwards while laying down in bed the electro butt plug would crank to a very high jolting pulse and at the same time the smell in the tubes would become very intense for a couple of minutes at a time for a one hour period.  The electro remained constant during that time.  The same would be repeated in the morning to wake it.

On the first full day early in the morning after the wake-up session, it received a e-mail from SIR.  It stated that it had to go out and drive to a gas station and fill its tank up to full.  Then go to the adult store and pick up 3 bottles of 2-methylpropyl nitrite.  Then return back to its house and report back to SIR in a e-mail and to give all the details of the adventure.  For the drive to the gas station it have to drive no less the 15 miles and no more than 30.  It drove 21 miles in which only the cock electro was on and running under a mild pulse.  At the gas station there was no electro running.  A few looks from other customers.  It was very clear that it was a SLAVE GIMP!  the extra shiny rubber combined with the large white letters made it impossible not to know and not realizing that it also had white letter on its back that read GIMP and under those arced letter in smaller font was “Owned By SIR Seth”.  It is very sure if there was any doubt in anyone’s mind that was rectified by the hood with the built-in gag and all the steel bands like the collar one.  Next was the adventure at the adult store.  They where expecting me since SIR had apparently called them in advance.  As it entered the store the tit electro pads began to oscillate back and for the for the first time since it had put them on followed by a strong current to the butt plug and a strong smell to the nose.  This made it so hard to maintain any composer and reaching beyond the 70% hardness even though its cock head was really pressed into the spikes it remained really hard during all this.  When it returned back to the car all activity has stopped except a mild pulse to the butt plug.  By the time it got home it was so horny it was following any suggestion as an order.

It had to have a friend run out to pick up the protein shakes and the liquids.  It was not allowed in the stores with a hood on.  After forgetting about the clean out session back at 7am it would have to now wait till the next one at 10pm.  In the meantime it would be driven to the edge over and over with various torments all controlled by its new SIR located well over seas.  All while the mp3’s continued to play on and on loud and soft and everything in-between.

At noon it took a syringe and filled it with the protein shake and began to force the shake down the breathing tube gag then rinsing the tube with liquid from another syringe.  Per instruction this was repeated three times.

During the afternoon it began to gather all its clothes and put them in trash bags and toss them into the trash bin.  It just happen to be trash then next day so there was no going back.  Just when it had though it was complete the iPhone rang in.  It was SIR Seth “Toss those shoes and boots out to GIMP, and those ties and hats at the same time GIMP!” as soon as it did the call ended and a large amount of small came through the nostril tubes.  Soon to be followed by a ton of various electro torment.

When 7pm came about it received a call from SIR, “Good GIMP, now I want you to sit in the chair in front of its computer and log in to the cam program.  While sitting spread its legs wide apart and repeated closed them tightly and re-open widely until further notice and non stop GIMP!”  “Now that it is doing that well, take one of the bottles of 2-methylpropyl nitrite it purchased today and open it and hold to the breather tube gag and take four very very long deep inhales then close the bottle back up.  Then repeat once more GIMP!”  By the time it finished this task it was super horny and was becoming wild, that’s when SIR turned on all three electros.  “Now gimp, this is how it should be till we meet.”  Soon after the electro was turned off and then the call ended.

At 10pm it was allowed to unscrew the rod to the butt plug and then insert the shower douche plug and begin to clean out. Once that was completed the rod was screwed back into the plug.

The next four days would be very similar to these events but on the fifth day there was no activity at all, no calls, no electro, nothing.  But early on the sixth day the doorbell rang.  When it went down and answered the door it found SIR at the door.  “Hello GIMP, I was able to get an early flight so here I am almost a week early.   Glad to see you GIMP!”  It replied with a strong yet warm greeting through the gag.  The fist thing SIR did was to remove the hood.  It was then allowed to was its face off and remove the ear buds and ear plugs.

The next weeks to follow would be just as adventurous but that is set for another story at another time…

Till then stay safe, horny and of course well rubberized.  🙂

This story is a true story.  The story and all of its content is Copyright © 2012 RubberBoundCOP.


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