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TryItSoon2000 Gives it a Try

Tryitsoon2000 came over last weekend for a visit.  His visit stated with one of my duct tape wrappings.

After he was wrapped neck to toe fully mummified in a mobile style I took some duct tape a made few passes around his head to make a full gag that was nicely tight.  As he quickly realized is that mobile would not be as easy as he thought it would be as the 6 rolls I used made him a bit stiff.  A spandex hood was added and some more duct tape to get it all very firmly in place.

After some torment and a bit of rest by chain restriction it was time to swap out the hood for a S10 gas mask that he was admiring.  I was not happy with the amount of freedom he had with just the mask on and to punish him for some early stuff I wrapped his head that was not covered by the mask with some more pallet wrap and duct tape.  It was supposed to be a punishment but he seem to really enjoy it a little too much so it stayed on for a longtime.

I thought a shackle assembly would distract him but they only did so after some time.

It took about 20 or so minutes to get him out, rather watching him get himself out.  Afterwards we went out to get some food then get some more supplies from the hardware store.  You know some more duct tape and pallet wrap.

When we got back to the house we decided to play a game of UNO.  Yellow cards meant I had to take 2 treats, Wild – Draw 4’s, etc. would be 4 treats, 8’s added one extra hour to his next scene, and so on, the winner of each round got to put additional bondage items on the looser till one of us could no longer play due to restriction.  Wouldn’t you know I lost that one when the wrist restraints got locked behind my back.  We had to switch to clips since all the taping was leading to circulation problems.  The clips allowed for more room to resolve that problem.

Very late that evening after we where de-bondage he wanted to try my CB-071 chastity.  He spent a longtime trying to get into it, almost 40 minutes I think.  Well with all that effort I made the decision to take the key to bed with me and leave him to endure it for the rest of the night.

In the morning I did not remove the device off him so he had to wear it to brunch.  Only later in the day did I get the key to allow him to remove it.  In Hines sight I should have just left it on him till the next time he returns.  😉

In the galley below the first 8 pictures are Tryitsoon200 and the last four are of me later that evening.  I hope you enjoy them, let me know what you think of them. – RubberBoundCOP

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8 Comments. Leave new

  • This style of tape is great!
    A game to see where it Goes is a great scene.
    Looks so nice and lovely.

  • I love that set of pirctures it’s really hot ! and the Duncan video is amazing, I would love to also see more of it, love how your limbs are resetrained under the tape!

    • @Dual_LLC, that vid was a spontaneous one, I wanted to have a vid of me taped for the first time ever, and my partner took it on his iphone, hence the silence and shortness of it.
      I had two steel rods taped to my outer part of my leg from hip to ankle.Plus my arms were braced too.The globes on my hands were made of thick plastic, i wore a medical collar that doubled as a posture collar. It was a great scene that lasted 4hours.

  • Sounds like a fun time – but I agree that the CB should have been left on until his return (at least).

  • This is my ideal, I love this sort of duct tape immobilization. Recently, I was wrapped in palletwrap,I had two steel rods taped from my ankle to hip and had two 90 degree (shelf supports) steels taped to my inner elbow. I found a company called Clas Ohlsen selling plastic globe light fittings that I changed into fistballs, so that once my fists were inserted I couldnt remove them. I was butt plugged and plastic jock cupped, heavy leather boots held my rods secure (although I could have done with higher shin coverage)a posture collar and goggles with pepperpot holes. I am attaching a vid to this note to let you see it. I was in this get up for four hours. The vid is a short 54 seconds and silent, but you get the idea.
    Any hints I can give you email me? If you would care to wrap me up…….;)
    Please …let us have a vid of this kind of mummification again?