Day One

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOn day one of our two day adventure I was to gear up for Nycbondageswitch’s arrival.  At 2:30pm he called to instruct me to gear up as he was just leaving NYC to head up to my place.

I was instructed to have my electro butt plug in and my metal chastity locked on.  To this my rubber full body suit on over which the inside was to heavily coated with j-lube.  All zippers was to be covered with black gorilla duct tape.  Over this was to be my spandex triathlon suit.  30 eyehole boots where next on the list and a belt cinch to hold the remote pack for the electro plug and also to hold the iPhone that would connect to ear buds with swimmers wax plug surrounding the ear buds to ensure that I would not be able to hear anything outside of what the iPhone was to play.  Over the earplugs went a thick rubber hood with its own built-in tube style gag.  The nostril tubes where also part of the hood.  The zipper to the hood was covered with a glued thick rubber strip.  Now it was time to put the collar in place and lock it on.  A Bomber style jacket was put on to which the zipper was locked to the collar and my rubber leash was attached and lock on as well.

During the gearing nycbondageswitch would text me when to drink some “drinks” and when to take “treats” to make sure I would be well primed for his arrival.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAGrabbed-Frame-4All the keys where placed into a padded envelope and placed on the dinning room table as requested.

Now it was time to get into position as requested which was to leave front door unlocked and be in kneeling position waiting near the front door and turn on the music that would play from the iPhone to the ear buds.  The volume was set to maximum to ensure that absolutely no sound could be heard outside the now rubber prison.  I had one last thing to put on and that was the rubber fist mitts and several layers of black duct tape over the perforated eyes of the hood till absolutely no light could be seen and then a couple more to enforce this.  They had been well j-lubed on the inside so to get them on with minimum resistance.

Now I was ready for nycbondageswitch to arrive.

A few hours would pass before he would arrive (traffic I hear) but around 8pm he would show up.  I was unaware of his arrival until about 15 minutes later when he introduced treats to my breather tube to announce his arrival and to get me worked up.   After some fraternizing to further work me up he took a large feeding syringe and filled it with pomegranate martini liquor and slowly fed it into my breathing tube.  After letting me take it all in it was time for more “treats” and fraternizing to make sure I stayed in the state he wanted me in.  In his attempt to keep lowering the electro he inadvertently kept increasing the electro.  All the squirming that caused gave him the thought to take a baseball bat to the chastity area and had his fun making my squirming even more erratic.

By the time it came to take me out he had gone well into the night so he had to head back to where he was staying only to return the next day.

Day Two

PC080008 PC080001For day two he wanted me to be as I was for his arrival again so re-gearing it was.  I was suppose to be also in handcuffs and have the feeding syringe near by, both which I forgot when I began to rush at the end when he called to let me know he would be right over.  As it turns out he was late again so I would of had the time, well lets see what the punishment will be next time.

12-13-2012-10-10-00-PM 12-13-2012-10-14-07-PMAfter he arrived and repeated his fun with me as in day one it was time to turn the tables.

I had to change into something a little more comfortable for the Sir role so change I did.   Now it was time to get my revenge.

To start I added some clover style tit clamps to his chest while he prepped himself and while I got the dungeon ready.

On the menu was to be another duct tape scene but do to time constraints I opted to not do the tape just the pallet wrap part of the scene.  Leaving the tit clamps on I wrapped him in a standing mummy fashion (rare for me.)

Once wrapped I did a little holiday decorating.  Sadly the pictures did not come out well this year.  Never or less still was fun to do.  A hood was added, my rubber lined leather one that is.  A lot of torment, tit torture, a few chains and some hours later and we would have to end the scene.

The pictures below best show the scene so I will let them tell the rest of the story.  🙂


PC080030 PC080026 PC080019 PC080013 PC080012







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