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This week I decided to write about a scene I had about two weeks ago.  I lost a bet (again) with Eric this time, so he decided that as part of his winnings that I would have to gather ideas of possible scenes and he would pick three for me to do all at once.

Here is what he ended up picking out of the selection:

  1. A very large rubber butt plug, metal chastity, three layers of pallet wrap to waist then two layers of duct tape, then to seal it to skin from waist to stomach.
  2. A pair of clover style tit clamps under leather shirt with a pair skintight leather pants, 30-eyehole boots laced with yellow laces and a leather coat zipped and locked to a locked collar also locking a leather leash to the collar and gloves to complete the look.
  3. Drop off at a public place such as a mall for no less then two hours with no cash, phone, etc.

Eric made a couple of additions and a alterations or two to the three scenes.  He swaped the large Charlie Horse – Kidney which is 5.5″ long for the Charlie Horse – Wiggley at 9″ long.  He also really loved the photos of me with a locked belt on so on a belt went and on the lock went.  He took the color of the leather shirt and unfolded it up fully and locked the leather collar over it.   Digging through my gear Eric came across my rubber ball mitts so made the decision to swap them out instead of the gloves making sure to lock the built-in wrist restraints.  to complete his checklist he added a knit winter hat and a pair of sunglasses. 

Now that I was dressed and equipped as Eric wished he took me to a mall near his house some nearly two hours away and left me there for a two hour windows.  I would have to wonder the mall till he returned.  If I had to sit I was only allowed to for five minute intervals and have no clock I would have to count to 60 up to five time then get up and start walking again, same rule applied for standing still.

Walking provided some relief from the pressure of the chastity and butt plug but added stimulation that made it very hard to stay focused.    Sitting would change the stimulation but in either case it was had to remain still.

After just a little two hours I ventured to where Eric dropped me off and he was just pulling up.  I got in and he pulled to the end of the parking lot and fitted me with a large locking gag which would remain on for the remainder of the trip.

When we got to his house we drove into his garage and I was escorted to his living room.  We ended up watching a long movie on his couch then he took me to his basement.  There he wanted to try his new vac bag on me so I think he had to much fun because I am told it was nearly two hours that I was in it all together.

After a few other torments we head up to his kitchen where he cooked a dinner for the two of us.

After the late dinner he brought me back to my place but not after locking the gag back on for the ride.  Just before leaving my house he said that when he got home he would text me where he hid all the keys including the one to the gag.

Four hours later I get the text in the middle of the night.  Eric had decided to go out to his local bar before heading to his house so I had to wait.

It took near 40 additional minutes to get out of all that and cleanup.

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  • A very lovely layering.
    Looks not easy but very nice!

  • Hello,
    Thanks a lot for this fantastic web! I have enjoyed a lot the stories as well as the pics. One can easily imagine himself as the gimp and enjoy those hot situations.
    It really worths to dedicate the time to go through all the section. About this one in particular, I must say that those inescapable situations in public are specially horny…
    Thanks a lot!

  • This is my first time commenting, but I finally needed to say thank you for sharing such great accounts and pictures! I have to wonder if you ever actually win any of these bets though or is it shrewd bottoming? :-p

  • Like the idea of your being geared up and yet having stimulation
    I would love that on myself
    just that I am not sure of being in public in alone. Anything could happen and will definitely be stopped by secutity

    • Ray, I tend to agree on the alone thing but they did not bother me but my hands where in my pockets when they where around so they might not of even noticed. Either way one should always have safety measures in place as I did. 😉 Left those details out of the story.

  • *wags* puppy likes…. as usual 🙂 …..*looks at cock and whimpers* Not allowed to cum till March 🙁

  • Perhaps it’s a pity Eric didn’t arrange for another of his friends to accost you in the Mall – somebody you didn’t know.
    But it must have been a really hot scene

  • love that detailed description, not sure about the public bit though? how come you didnt get approached by any security at the mall? i couldnt have agreed to that bit, the rest …erm yeah.Please?,…………………..more pics or perhaps a vid?

    • Good points, since my head was covered all is legal so there is not they can say. I was approached a few times mainly by women complementing the boots. Some found onlookers most just ignored and a few walked around or avoided me but otherwise it was okay. It in my opinion would of been more enjoyable with another person present, it would of added a dynamic I found missing from the scene. Never or less it was a fun scene all together 🙂