A Weekend Spent Acclimatizing A New Suit

This is a picture of myself a couple of weekends ago spending the complete weekend starting on mid-day Friday locked in a “new to me” suit.

GimpTapeSocks2013-03The suit was a donation from a good friend who though the unused suit needed a good home.  The suite fit like a well fitted glove.  My metal chastity was on underneath the suit and my electric plug.  The plug only came out twice during the whole weekend for cleaning practices.  The suit however never was removed till the end of the weekend.

Also accompanying the suit was a rubber hood with perforated eye holes and two nostril tubes which where inserted well up the nostrils.  The built-in breather tube gag added the necessary confinement factor to the hood.  The hood was only removed and subbed for a more open concept hood and sleeping times with no gag.

Tight thick gloves where added to which heavy industrial gloves where slipped on over them to make it very difficult to type on the keyboard and to make general tasks a true task for the duration of the weekend only allowing a hour a day for airing out but handcuffed behind my back for each of those hours.

Gimped2013-03The 30-eyehole boots where laced nice and snug but not so tight to cut circulation but definitely tight enough no make the stiffness of the boots well known all the time.   The top two laces holes of each boot where locked with a combo lock to secure them from and chance of me getting them off prior to release time.  To prevent the boots from getting soaked by sweat coming from the suit, pallet wrap was used to the knees then several layers of duct tape was used to create air tight “socks.” These where checked for possible leaks prior to the boots going on.

A collar was locked over the hood to secure it from being removed without permission.

A belt was used to hold the electro box used for the electro plug.  The belt was also cinched tightly and locked in place to added to the fact that I was being controlled for the weekend while breaking in the new suit.

The plug remained on most of the time varying between electro levels of 30 and 72 but the bulk of it was set to 45.

Late Sunday I was released and allowed to clean-up and get some well need rest.  😉

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