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  7. Acclimatizing in a New Suit II

I finally receive my new rubber suit that I ordered from BLACKSTYLEIt only took an amazing three business days from the day they shipped it till the day it arrived at my place, WOW!

As a new standing tradition I was to wear it for a weekend.  So on Friday I put my metal chastity per orders.

My knee-high 30-eyehole boots came next and to lock each one on my friend from Chicago had me cam to him and set the numbers by holding to the camera and twirling the tumblers on the lock till he said stop on each one and I was not to look as we did this and nor when I locked them through the top lace holes of each boot.   I had to tumble the numbers on each of the combo locks till he said stop on each.

My rubber hood was next, the one with the built-in gag.  Earplugs where inserted before the hood was tucked under the suits 8cm high collar (3.25″).  A wide collar was locked on over the suits collar.  The key to the large lock was placed on cam into the left boot underneath the sole insert prior to putting the boot on per orders.

To complete the weekend ensemble two pairs of rubber gloves were added, one very thin and very tight and on thick but not as tight.

Since the suit arrived much faster then anticipated I did not have time to think through the orders so I just accepted them as given.  So after a few hours I realized I should of not put both keys in the boot, LOL.   I was imprisoned in the rubber till my friend got around to sending me the combo numbers.

I had to check in hourly via cam to prove I had not found a way out.  When it came time for sleep I had to try to sleep with the hood on.  I was way to horny to fall fully asleep so the hood just added to making me even more horny so very little sleep was achieved Friday night.

Saturday morning rolled around and I had to make sure to cam by 7am to pick-up on the hourly check-ins.

It is a good thing I had some protein shakes and Gatorade around since that would be my food source for the next couple of days fed through a feeding syringe squeezed slowly into the breathing tube of the built-in breather tube gag.  Other “treats” where used on demand to spawn the reactions he wanted to see on cam.

I had to clean the house up that day so really worked up a sweat in the suit.  Surprisingly no leaks where detected.  Socks where made of pallet wrap which also kept the sweat from going below the knees.

That evening I watched a movie and then made the mistake of browsing the net which just made me super, extremely super horny making sleep later nearly impossible.  Did get a few winks here and there but all very brief.

In the morning I logged in at 7:00am once again to start the hourly checks via cam.  I was hoping to have received the combo numbers by now but nothing and I was not allowed to ask or it would add 24 hours to the wait time for each time asked.

10:00am came and my 1st of the six numbers got IM’d to me.  The rest of the numbers would follow at the rate of one on the hour.  3:00pm would be the last number but I soon realized that the numbers where randomly sent.  I was only allowed to try for two minutes an hour.  11:30pm I figured it out and was given permission to get out when midnight rolled around.

That’s when I was allowed to get all out of the gear and shower up and get some well earned rest.  😉

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  • jamesachramowicz
    August 31, 2013 12:32 pm

    RubberBoundCOP way cool site. I have always had love for tight fetish gear, it be rubber, leather, spandex, plastic. I like to completely shave all hair off my whole body from my head to my toes an everything in between. I got a full rubber suit with connecting feet from a local fetish shop here in San Diego,Ca.-C/0 Treasures & pleasures. I oil up with gun oil, slip on my suit an hang out. Just love your sites. Please, I like to stay intouch an may be connect one day.
    Yours in all types of fetish gear;
    James Achramowicz

  • How did you use the bathroom with everything locked on all weekend?

  • Brilliant descriptions which I love and really get me off on , I would love to see a vid of these actions? If only?