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Just a couple of weeks back I was instructed to slide into a rubber suit with the entire inside of the suit coated with a thick layer of j-lube.  This was after inserting a electro plug and a metal chastity device.  Since this was a old suit my friend though he would take some black duct tape and seal the zippers and while he did that he cranked the tape well up the ass cheeks really tight forcing then not only to be well separated but also pushed the plug really in and kept it there.  I was then ordered to add some thin white rubber gloves followed by some running leggings and a wetsuit guard shirt both of heavy spandex lycra blend. I was then handed a pair of wrestling sneakers to put on followed by yet another pair of rubber gloves but black ones now.  My bicycling jacket was next.  A belt cinched as tight as it would go and then some was locked in place so the electro box could have a place to fasten to.  A knit cap completed the look and now I was ready to jog around the neighborhood.  After about a 25 minute jog and stopping a couple of times to conduct various tasks along the way given via iPhone it was time to head back in the house.

Once back in the house my friend had put my rubber hood with built-in gag.  Very quickly I heard the click of a lock back of the hood.

Now I was really pouring out some heat and sweat although the sweat had nowhere to go so it continued to mix with the j-lube.

While like that we watched TV and had a little fun but he could not resist in feeding me fluid through the breather tube of the inflatable built-in gag.

It was a good workout but left me much more hornier then before he came over.  😉

Click on the pictures below to see the full version of them.

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  • Again a great way to sport! This is how a gimp has to be controlled.
    We have to do that to some day! But with me you have to do some shopping to after your jog.
    Or go for a nice Ride on your bycicle. And with a second bike I Will go with you to control and stimulate to sweat more and feed some liquids in between.

  • Mister-X / Spartan
    June 30, 2013 2:12 am

    Did you meet any of the neighbors while you were out jogging? Did any dogs greet you? You would have to be quite a sight. Covered in black rubber, running, you would look like a fleeing burglar, so the bright yellow covering would be needed to calm any fears.

  • Sounds fun. I’d like to hear more about the tasks you were given.
    How long were you fully geared up?

  • I was hoping to hear that your friend also taped you up very heavily and left you in front of the tv.and then left!