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These are two pictures of me ready for a guy that wanted me to appear like this for a hike in the forest.

What you don’t see is the rubber plug and the metal chastity.

What you do see is me in my 1.2mm thick rubber suit, hydro-pac (water pack), S-10 gas mask hood, rubber boots, posture collar.

He arrived with his van and picked me up.  After about an hour drive we got to the hiking area at night.  After about a three hour hike we headed back to my place for some more fun before I was able to get out and cleanup.

Duration: 9:30am – 1:45am

Hiking Front ShotHiking Side Shot

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  • This is a great trip!
    I wanna go for a hike with you to.
    I Will take pics outside.
    Of course I Will. You need to show what you are.
    In forest, city, everywhere.

  • Very good, maybe a daytime one would be nice, as said above you will meet others and if its warm you’ll be even more sweaty.
    Maybe that could happen when you lose a bet?

  • Mister-X / Spartan
    June 30, 2013 2:01 am

    It would have been more fun to go hiking in that during the day, meeting other hikers, getting their reactions. If they wonder why, just say that you’re trying to take off some weight to meet a weight class in your sport activity, and want to do something enjoyable while you take the weight off.

  • looks amazeing the gasmask and rubber hope you had a good hike must feel good to go outside in all that gear.

  • you have some AMAZING adventures! I am envious of you.

    • Yeah, I just wish he would take pictures outside the house. Need to find a person that does not mind taking pictures elsewhere then my place. 😉