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Acclimatizing in a New Suit III

This new suit of mine made by Rub Addiction arrived a few days ago.  I finally got to try it on.

I think they were spot on with the fit, what do you think of the fit?

The boots where purchased on Amazon.  I cam across them after ordering the suit and thought they would match but was not 100% sure until after both the suit and boots arrived.  I think the two go together well but love to here your input.

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  • pIgslavebdgboy
    August 25, 2013 2:03 am

    Love those boots. would lick them for Sir.

  • The colour is so striking, and i really like the way you have managed to get boots to match even though they werent original to the suit. Well Done! Nice’n’Tight in the rear! love it.