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  7. RBC verses Logan – 0 to 15

Sometimes one should not place a bet after already fulfilling a previous lost bet.

RBC Baseball 2013After losing a previous bet with my friend Logan he thought we should place another bet on how many ball I could hit out on the field.

The picture is the only picture we have of the event since “somebody” forgot to bring the camera to the field.

For the first bet lost I am seen here wearing a full rubber suit underneath the baseball uniform.  After filling my mouth with his socks he took pleasure in wrapping duct tape fully around many times then continuing to wrap the tape around my head to keep the baseball cap on  or so he said.  You can barely see the breathing tube wrapped in the mince of the tape that leads to the rear pocket.

Needless to say I failed to score any homeruns so lost the bet by a landslide.

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