After placing a bet with a longtime friend (LBLeather) and loosing, I had to do as he ordered.

DSC_0240He decided to base his winnings around a new pair of bondage shorts that I had ordered, so his 1st step was to send 5 locks to me via mail.  Once received I would have to put the shorts on after inserting  but plug and a metal chastity device to which an extra wide and thick metal cock ring would go on prior to the chastity.  If the shorts where delayed in delivery for any reason I would still have to put the metal cock ring and metal chastity on the expected arrival day which was a Wednesday. I would also have to wear my rubber suit under the shorts if the shorts did not arrive on time.

In prep for this starting Wednesday I would have to be on a water and protein shake diet till after I was released from the bondage shorts.

Needless to say the shorts did not arrive till Friday around 1pm ‘ish.  His locks arrived on Wednesday on well.  This meant by his orders the metal cock ring and metal chastity was locked on Wednesday evening on cam to him.  It also meant on Friday when the shorts arrived that I would have to wear my rubber suit under the shorts.  He choose the black and orange suit for me to wear under them.  I was to film myself getting into all of it on Friday and supply to him as evidence that all the steps outlined in his orders were followed to the T.

The below galley contains stills taken from the video.

DSC_0230On Friday at 1pm I had to insert the butt plug and his choice was my rubber “Square Peg – Charlie Horse” plug.  At the completion of each task I was ordered to take four treats before moving onto the next task.  Next I had to put on my rubber suit filled with lots of J-lube powder.  Once that was fully on and all air squeezed out of the suit it was time to take a pair of wetsuit socks and put them on followed by a pair of rubber boots and get them on as well.  Now it was time for the leather locking bondage shorts and get them on over the rubber.  Taking careful attention to get the metal chastity nicely thought both the rubber and then through the cock holes of the shorts.

Once the shorts where fully pulled up as far as they could be the back zipper was fastened to the locking post and the belt hole fitted on then the lock was inserted and locked in place.  Now it was time to adjust the stiffener plate in the front before zipping both zippers in the front and inserting the belt through the leather loops of each zipper then inserting the stiffener plate, and both ends of the belt through the front top locking post and locking another lock on that post.  Finally each leg belt was cinched tightly and locked in place as well.

DSC_0232After squirming a lot after the last lock on the shorts went on it was now time to get the rubber gloves on that where put under the sleeve of the suit.  As per orders, on went the S-10 rubber hood/gas mask combo hood with a large gag in place.  The hose was inserted around the back and into the back of the leather bondage shorts.  Not thinking I had an extra lock so I locked it to the leather collar that went over the hood.  I would not release till near bedtime that I used one of his locks.  Lucky enough I was able to slide the hood out from the collar for bedtime, but I did put it back on in the morning but the collar was locked on till the keys would arrive by mail.

After the hood was locked on I was under standing orders to take four long treats every half hour except when sleeping.  Needless to say the I never went soft in the rubber prison.  I did find myself constantly humping the air and massively working the plug.  One action always lead to the other for a almost never ending hump fest.

On Saturday more of the same; one just can not stop working the plug and by doing so cause you to react to the cock sliding barely around on the chastity.

DSC_0231A envelope from LBLeather did arrive late in the afternoon Saturday via US mail but I was instructed not to open it till otherwise told to.

Sunday rolled around and still I was not allowed to open the envelope.  At this point I was at a all time sub level and will to obey ANY command and order given to me.

Around 8pm Sunday I was contacted by LBLeather and told that I could open before going to bed later that evening so that turned out to be a bit after 11:30pm.  Of course I had to test each key on each lock till I found the key for each and to complicate things further there was three keys.

Truly a great time but I was glad I was well prepped for this by taking the liquid diet and cleaning out a few times prior to Friday.  If I had not I can only imagine the mess that might of occurred.

Can not wait for the next remote locking session or perhaps in person next time 🙂

Thanks LBLeather for yet another great time.

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