Oatmeal – Not Just for Breakfast Anymore

Always beware when admiring friends pictures. You never know where it will lead one!  LOL  🙂

The following should never be tried alone and/or without experienced supervision.

After chatting recently with a longtime friend (ropeguy62), I asked him about a couple of pictures on his profile page that intrigue me a lot.  The pictures showed this thick creamy like substance oozing out from a football helmet.   Ropeguy62 said “Oatmeal, was a guy I played with who was a mud and pig player. He would play with anything to get dirty. As it was winter, I mixed 5 gallons of oatmeal and poured it into the sleep sack with him and filled the football helmet. Let him squirm around in it. He loved it, cleanup was a bitch.”  He said he like to do that to me next I was in the Chicago area but would add some electro.  I suggested if he wanted that I do a test run in the meantime so we agreed on a time and date.

From this point on ropeguy62 would be now called SIR and I would be referred as his rubber toy (it).

Friday Morning came around and it was time to follow SIR’s orders to the “T”.  2pm was the original time but it wanted to impress him so it started early.  First SIR ordered it to get three to four containers of oatmeal (it got 6).  It started with mixing three of the containers with water and J-Lube.  While the mix soaked up the water SIR wanted it to have on 1st a wide, heavy and thick metal cock-ring followed my it’s metal chastity device filled with oatmeal.  Once this was on the electro plug would have to be inserted.

After all the metal items were on SIR had it take a pair of neoprene shorts and fill them with some of the oatmeal mix making sure not an inch was uncovered with the mix.  Once done it was to take the rubber suit and dust the inside of the suit with j-lube powder then start to put it on and start filling the suit with the oatmeal mix making sure the suit was fully filled to the neck.  This used up the mix of three of the containers so more was mixed.

Bondage shorts was next on the list.  All locks where locked on and keys set in more oatmeal then frozen away in the freezer.

Now it was time to fill the boots with oatmeal and then get into them.  As soon as they were firmly on it was ordered to fill some rubber fist mitts and it’s rubber s-10 mask.  Now that both where filled with the oatmeal mix it was to take a ball gag and lock it in place using a combo lock.  Once locked ear buds were inserted then the S-10 hood was put on and locked on with a wide collar, the posture collar was SIR’s choice but did not fit over all the gear so the next widest collar was put on.   The only area of the hood not to have the mix in it was the breathing cup part.  Finally the fist mitts where put on and would only come off when it came time to type to SIR.

It now had to do breathing treats every fifteen minutes.  Just an hour into the scene and it was at max horny leave and it would have hours to go before it was even supposed to start.  Music was piping through the ear buds so no other sounds could be heard.  The electro plug was zapping away set to level 25 of 99.  By this time it was becoming increasing clear that the mix was setting, becoming really thick and pasty like, adding to it’s horny factor.

Before it knew it the time had reached 4pm when SIR contacted its toy.  It had to remove some of the oatmeal in the hood and also had to remove the fist mitts in order to communicate with SIR.

At this point SIR made the orders that treats would be increased to every five minutes and the plug would be increase five levels every hour on the hour.

By the time SIR and toy where in the middle of their cam session the oatmeal mix had nearly harden up which just made the toy that more horny and the more horny it got the more submissive it got.

When it finally came time to go clean up the web cam session ended.  But as toy got up it just got even hornier from hardly being able to move which lead to another two hour squirm fest.

Cleanup was long but fun as it had to work to get all the oatmeal off all the gear.  That was not hard just took a long time.

A scene truly worth repeating, thanks SIR (ropeguuy62)

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