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Lost Bet – 100

Last weekend I lost yet another bet.

The bet was if I lost I would have to follow any internet and/or IM orders received from anyone.  I would also have to stay in it till late Sunday.  Friday afternoon started the adventure.

As a result I had to wear my metal Chasity full of thick j-lube, a large rubber plug, one pair of 1.2mm thick rubber shorts with the inside dry coated with j-lube powder.  To this my full rubber suit was added along with 20 eyehole boots with red laces.

After just a short time a collar order came in by IM and to be locked in place.  So it was locked on with a large combo lock in the back of the neck and two smaller keyed locks on the side that locked each of the should zippers to the collar.  Once more keyed lock would lock the crotch zipper per another IM order.

Metal shackles was one of the last orders to come in so per the orders wrist to ankle ones where locked in pace.

The weekend ended up with little rest and tons of uncontrollable squirming.

Late Sunday came and cleanup and release was commenced.

Front Chained
Back Chained

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