Here is what I looked like while waiting for a friend to show wearing what he had requested me to wear.

Metal chastity, large rubber plug, rubber shorts, under my orange and black rubber suit, 30-eye hole boots with matching laces, locked collar after s-10 hood gas mask was zipped on.  The drinking tube was in mouth and the masks mic was connected to the iPhone which was clipped to the back of the collar and the earbuds that where inserted before the mask went on where now also connected to the iPhone using a special phone connector. This would allow him to hear me only when he wanted and me to only hear what he wanted me to hear.  To complete his requests all the zippers where locked, a leash was added and a pair of rubber ball mitts.

Needless to say traffic made him nearly two hours late.  Now that he was here he had the brilliant idea that we watch a movie here.   He choose the new Superman movie, nothing like added to the horny factor.

He could not mange to leave well enough alone but felt the need to add some wrist to ankle restraints and had some fun with me throughout the movie.

After the movie he took me to my dungeon space where he had more fun for another couple of hours.  Finally before leaving he hide the keys to the shackles somewhere in the house.  He took off my s-10 hood and said once he got home he tell me where the keys where.

Two hours later I received a e-mail telling me where they where.


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