Staring Friday afternoon it was time to fulfill a longtime request of a SIR friend of mine.

The request was for me to spend the weekend sealed and locked as a rubber droid.

Here was it had to wear: Metal chastity, rubber Charlie horse plug, rubber suit, rubber socks, ear buds (connected to iPhone, wax ear plugs molded around the ear buds, knee high boots (laced very tightly), rubber hood with metal spikes and using the rubber inflatable tube gag inserted before hood zipped on, leather wide collar (locked to each of the suit should zippers and lock the collar itself), finally a metal leash locked to the collar.

Once converted into the rubber droid it had to set on a continuous loop a recording SIR had made to aid in the weekends event.  The recording that would run nonstop 24/7 and only paused when SIR called the iPhone from time to time to program more instructions.

SIR came by on Friday to pick all the keys up but not before have about three hours of “fun” with the rubber droid.

It was allowed to add instructions given by any other SIR regardless of the source (online, phone, e-mail. in person, etc.) until SIR in control returned on Sunday; which turned out to be almost midnight.

If you are a SIR and like to add orders and or instructions to its programing for the next time please replay to this post with them leading in with “ORDER, …” It has been program to incorporate all them into its next session or if you have your own recording you want it to listen to in the next scene set on 24/7 loop contact me for the upload area.
Day 1


Day 2

IMG_4767 IMG_4770

Day 3



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