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Lost Bet Equals A Rubber Day

I lost a bet with my friend Logon.  Inside the envelope was the scene that I had to preform.  It read:

  1. Starting at 7am you will only be known as gimp or it nothing else.
  2. it must be in full rubber – head to toe nothing less.
  3. Must follow any and all orders given by any other SIR that it speaks to on the internet. (within pre-established safety limits)
  4. Must be gagged at all times.
  5. Rubber gloved for the entire time.
  6. May be released at 11pm but no later then 1am depending if any penalties needed to be fulfilled.

The day of fulfillment stated at 7am as I got into my rubber suit.  The suit would have to go over the metal chastity with a extra metal cock ring that was wide and thick to which a blue combo lock was locked on looping around the chastity and metal cock ring.  The number was chosen by a online SIR that is a good friend of mine.  From that point on I could only refer to myself as it or gimp so I will do the same here in this post.

The same online SIR ordered it to wear it’s rubber pup hood for the first three hours with a sock gag with a collar locked over the hood.  The collar would also be locked to the zipper of the rubber suit.  Under the hood earbuds were fitted in place with swimmers wax plugs around them.  In addition to that it would have to wear waist high rubber waders to catch any urine that it would have throughout the day/night.

At 10am it had to switch to the rubber S-10 hood/mask and keep the sock filled mouth filled for another three hours.

When 1:00pm came around it had to switch to what be the hood for the rest of the time.  The sock gag was removed and replaced with a inflatable tube gag under it’s rubber hood with metal spikes and perforated eyes.  The earbuds were replaced with all swimmers era wax plugs. At this time another SIR had me fasten rubber ball mitts on that would stay on for the rest of the time.

Throughout the day it was ordered to drink lots of water and coffee in attempt to make it urinate a lot.  Yes it did.

For a couple hours it was made to wear a tight rubber blindfold over the rubber hood with the metal spikes.

Many thanks to the SIR’s that partook in this adventure.

Here are some random pictures from this lost bet.

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