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The 17 Hour Excursion

One Friday morning a follow of my site wanted to stop by for the day.  The night before he darned me that I could not stay in gear for more then 10 hours.  For each our I stayed in gear past the 10 hour mark he agreed to be locked up in chastity one day for each hour. 

What I would be locked in for the duration would not be told to me till he arrived in the morning.

When he arrived in the morning he told me what I would have to wear but he only told me piece by piece.  First was a extra thick and wide metal cock ring.  This would be followed by my metal chastity after making sure the tube of it was well coated with a very thick layer of j-lube.   Second came a large rubber plug firmly seated in place.  Thirdly my black and orange suit will be heavily dusted with j-lube powder before I put it on.  Rubber socks where next followed by my rubber tube hood with built-in tube gag, and yes heavily coated with a very thick layer of j-lube.   A rubber locked collar finished the hood.  Thick rubber gloves where added and duct tape sealing them completed his requirements.

Recalling one of our conversations online he remembered that I said that the tighter the clothes the SIR wears the more submissive I get, he arrived in extremely skintight Levis over a ultra tight rubber suit which is where he ended up dumping my keys, down the back of his suit.

To help enforce a standing rule I have with another SIR of never stop squirming when in any form of rubber he decided that he would implement a rule of his own, when ever I slightly or stopped squirming he would load me up with “treats” till the squirming resumed to an uncontrollable level.   He seemed to enjoy that way to much.

Throughout the day he would take the feeding syringe and feed various liquid from water to protein shakes to his urine.  Any resistance or look of displeasure of what he was feeding me and the dose was doubled and sped up.  Another thing he seem to enjoy way to much.

Several different exercises had to be preformed throughout the day to ensure the sweat never stopped.

Around the 8th hour he had the brilliant idea of playing a game.  The looser would have to do what he wrote and sealed in a envelope.  Looking back was not really fair since I was hooded.  The contents would not be reveled till the end of the scene.

Into the night he realized how late it was getting and wanted to end the scene.  This was 17 hours into the scene so that was 7 hours over which meant 7 days of chastity for him.  Cleaver him quickly recalls he won the game and takes out the envelope and opens it.  He reads aloud the writing on the paper. ” The looser of the game will have to continue wear his chastity for three time the time as hours gone over in gear.”  Then he says in a firm sarcastic voice “This means 21 more days for you gimp!”

He certainly did not let me forget that as he assisted me in the ungearing process.

So one week later now and two weeks to go…

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