Gimp in the Making with a Side of Pup

Part I

I met our soon to be gimp online through one of the fetish sites.  He managed to find my “Dungeon Packages” on my site and filled out a “Custom Package” we will get to those details in a later post but for now we will learn of his 1st scene here.

He was to arrive in his tightest pair of Levis and if they did not meet the standard outlined he would be punished.

When he arrived his pants where barely snug, nowhere near tight and certainly no extra credit if he went with extremely tight Levis.

Knowing he wanted to try some rubber I had him slip into one of my suits.  Also knowing that he has a slight obsession with the gimp role I decided to add my leather corset and after cinching it up proceeded to lock all the buckles (6 total).  Next taking my rubber waders and putting them on him followed by rubber gloves and letting him pick out a couple of collars of which I choose the posture collar and locked it on him.  I used a pair of rubber wrist restraints to secure the wrists.  A leash completed the 1st set of gear.

He was given a choice of gags to wear and he went for the wedge gag and of course I made sure it was tightly buckled in place.

To keep him from “wandering” to much the leash was fastened to a hoist that was fed through the D-ring of the collar and clipped to the D-ring on the gag.  He was made to keep his legs well spread apart and when he faltered the hoist was raised to added some resistance till it was to much and then only loosened a tiny bit.  Some random torment would test his endurance to remain in position.

Scissor style tit clamps where added to increase the torment and as a form of punishment to not staying in perfect place.   These would not be removed till the end of part I of the scene.

The wrist restraints where clipped to the leash which was raised a bit by the hoist.

After sometime the boy master the task of keeping his legs spread and feet planted in one position so it was time to wrap his legs together with pallet wrap nice and tight.

A chain was clipped to the tit clamps and then to the leash.  After adjusting to them the hoist was raised some more.

When this became to much for the boy, his wrists were repositioned to behind his back using a pair of my favorite handcuffs, while a weight was added to the chain connecting the tit clamps.

The boy seem to of enjoyed this to much so the hoist was yet raised again forcing him to he toes.  This last about five minutes when it just became to much so he was lowered to have his feet flat on the floor and the leash released from the hoist.  Soon after the chain removed from the clamps.

He was allowed to hobble around for a short bit and then asked to pick out the next piece of gear he wanted to try on.  The boy quickly found his way to the gasmasks.  He was instructed to touch the piece he wanted with his nose.  He touched the S-10 hood.

Having him hobble back to his original position before I removed the collar and putting on the S-10 gasmask hood and re-locking the posture collar back on over the hood.

Both the leash and chain to tit clamps where reconnected to the hoist.

A light beating with the baseball bat would test his alertness..

Now it was time to have some breath play action after adding another hose on the existing one coming off the S-10 hood.

After quite some time yet a 3rd hose was added as the breath play continued.

Since he did so well and for such a longtime he was released from the hoist and the clamps where removed. (and that was fun to watch the boy’s reactions as the clamps where removed).

The wrist restraints where also removed.

He explored the room for a bit but then found himself with a spandex hood with built-in blindfold over the s-10 hood.

The lights where turned off and he was given free rein to roam the room.

The boy found his way to the cage and mange to feel his way to the door and let himself into the cage.  Of course this opportunity could not missed so I felt it necessary to close the door fully and toss a lock on it.

After releasing what happened the boy tried to push the cage door open but no luck even his struggle with the door would not open it so he gave up and curled up on the pillow in the cage.

Some time was allowed to pass before the door was unlocked and he was allowed to find his own way out of the cage.

The lighting was returned to the room and the spandex hood was removed.

Now the fun was to begin.  I tossed the keys to the corset all over the floor and told him to release himself.  The boy did well and only took five or so minutes.  But he did not line tem up on the table so they where relocked and he was given instruction on the proper way to unlock himself and what to do with the locks once unlocked.

He thought he was done but note in the pictures what is on the floor behind him; A lock! he had to realign the locks once he found the missing lock.

He was then allowed to remove the hood, collar and gloves but nothing else.

It was now time for dinner so he was only allowed to put his street clothes on if they went over the gear he had on including the rubber waders.

This would end part I.

Part II

Out to dinner we went to a local chain restaurant. We met up with my husband who had been out playing with a another guy.  It turns out that guy was someone who had been chatting to me for a while and also filled out his own “Dungeon Package”.  It was a pleasant surprise to run into “PupAeros” like that.

So as the four of us conversed the gimp was not allowed to leave the table till he finished his meal.  Food for thought he was still wearing the leather corset as the buckles to it where relocked on him prior to leaving the house.

A mutual decision was made to head back to my house.  Once back at the house, the pup help put gear away while the gimp was put back in the gear it was in before.

While the gear continued to be put away the gimp was tasked with seeking the keys to its locks that where hidden before we went to dinner.

The pup seem to know where to look but kept quite.  The gimp eventually found the trail of key locked in the toolbox.  It would have to unlock all his locks as before and line them up again.

Release did not yet come though, instead it found itself bound to the pup with some belts that just kept getting added.

The hobbled around for a while before the pup found himself with the scissor style tit clamps that the gimp was wearing earlier in the day.  Which soon would be connected by a chain that was fed through the D-ring of the collar on the gimp.

After playing tug-a-war for a while both where released, the pup went back to his hotel.  The gimp on the other hand was originally going back home but it was late and it was not ready to head back.

He was invited to stay but only if it spent the night bound.  No objections were made.  The sleep sack would be its preference so before getting sealed up in the sack it was made to wear a tight spandex suit and adding a rubber hood with zip flaps.

Once in the gimp found itself further restricted with thick rope cinching of the leather sleep sack.  and to complete the flaps on the hood were zipped up.

Once day broke, I woke to find the gimp squirming about.  Over time he was let out of the sleep sack but not the spandex suit.

Part III

After he fully awoke he decided to get some revenge.

He had me get into one of my new suits over my mental chastity and had me insert a large rubber plug to which he added a pair of rubber bondage shorts locked on over the suit.  Next he took some rubber wader and had me put them on.  He added a second belt cinching it very tightly.  Adding my rubber spiked hood with inflatable gag but not till he had it well lubed with thick goopy j-lube and locked it on with a locked collar.  To complete the ensemble he added a leather blindfold to cover the perforated eyeholes.

Why he planned his next strategy he locked me to the cage with a serious of chains.

After several position relocations and lots of playing he sat me firmly in our custom wood bondage chair and fastened me down, forcing the plug firmly up my ass and keeping it well shoved in.  I think he was enjoying this to much.

After a long time he released me and I went up to change and shower.

After I showered and we got dressed we went out to have brunch.

The gimp was no long a gimp but back to a boy.  He wore a pair of tight Levis that I lent him and his shirt over the spandex catsuit.

After bruch we headed back to the house where we changed and he headed back home.

A great weekend and a much enjoyable guy who has already come back but that is a story for another post.  I hope to see the pup again soon to, thank you both for a great time.

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