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The Tormented Imprisoned Gimp

This post is about nycslave4training‘s most recent visit.  He stars as the gimp in this story.

In this scene he gets gimp-a-fi’d and sentence to some long-term cage time all while various torment is implemented.

If the gimp was good it may be granted only one request.TIG2015

Follow the timeline below and click on the pictures to see the full images.

The Timeline

The Torment Starts

After some time in the chair the gimp began to fidget so it was time to add some tit torture.

The Torment Intensifies

It was all to obvious that the gimp was enjoying the light show to much so it was time to block out the light for the gimp.

The Judgment

The sad despair look after the judgment news came in…

Stand and Accept the Judgment

Now it was time for the gimp to stand and receive its judgment.

For each moan of dismay the host to the leash attached to the collar would be raised as punishment.

The Cage

Here is a time-lapse footage and pictures of the gimp’s frustrations while bound in the cage.


The Cage - Watch It

Watch some of the futile moves the gimp makes:

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