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We start this post at the beginning when the guy in this story reaches out to my on a fetishes site we both belong to.  He liked my pictures and thought he say hello.  After some exchanges of IM I referred him to this site to see if my style of play fit his style.  He being Bi more on the straight side, seemed in not such a hurry to visit until he looked over this site.

A meeting was then planned after he filled out a package deal from the Dungeon Packages page.  He filled out the Extra Gimp Package.

He is a sweet but very shy guy and does not wish his name to be mentioned so we will call him Kurt instead of his real name.

Kurt made arrangements to spend a weekend night over.  For his arrival I would have to be geared and ready for him before he left his house which was nearly a three hour drive from my house.

Here is what he wanted me in for his arrival:

  1. Metal chastity with extra cock-ring (wide and thick).
  2. Square peg wiggly butt plug.
  3. Orange and Black rubber suit.
  4. Rubber socks.
  5. 30 eye hole boots laced with orange lacing and top holes of each boot locked.
  6. Rubber aqua gloves.
  7. Metal Spiked rubber hood with infallible gag with breather tube.
  8. Collar over hood and locked on.
  9. A bicycle lock cable locked around waist.
  10. To complete the look he wanted a leash locked on the collar.

I was to greet him at the door in completed look.

During his commute down I would have to feed myself with a feeding syringe after singing and old picture of my doing in that I posted on the site.  He requested that the act be filmed.

As fate would have it Curt encountered some heavy traffic and snow coming through the State between us.

Nearly 4 hours later he arrived.  As promised I was still in full gear; now hornier then ever.  Per instructions he grabbed my leash and I lead him to the dungeon.

Once in the dungeon he located the feeding syringe and refilled it and proceeded to feed me the entire contents after feeding me some treats and then more treats after the feeding.

Could be just me but I think he enjoyed this way to much.

After the feeding Curt added a pair of blindfolds making sure they where tightened as much as they would go then locked it on.  He also added some rubber wrist restraints.

Once he was happy Curt had a bit of fun with me before we switched roles.

Here is the first video sent to his phone:

Never try this feeding method alone without experience; NEVER try this without experienced supervision!

The Arrival - Gallery

Now that Curt had his fun it was time to turn the table and convert him to a gimp after all he did fill out that package request.

The first thing was to get him into some rubber so into one of my suits he went but not before dusting the inside of the suit with a nice coat of J-Lube powder after he put on my rubber gloves.   Putting them on first gave a good seal once the suit was on.

My pair of orange boots was a good fit for him so on they went as well.

To get him warmed up I added my rubber cap to his head and to keep him from using words the wedge gag was used.

As he warmed up we went over the typical rules, one grunt = yes, two grunts = no, three grunts continuous = something needs addressing or in trouble.

Now time to change his head gear, we switched out the gag for the rubber tube hood with built-in gag to which a collar was locked in place.

To keep him from drifting off to those dark corner of the mind scissor style tit clamps where added.

The collar was hooked up to the hoist to limit his movement during torment and during rest periods.

After some fun torment it was time to put the gimp into the cage for some rest.

Once rested enough the gimp was taken out and the torment continued.

Afterwards he was instructed to unlace each of my 30 eyehole boots (laced nice and TIGHT.  The handcuffs and thick gloves to prove to be a challenge for him not to mention the thick hood but the gimp managed.

Allowing him to rest on the floor for a bit then as he thought he was going to be released he found himself being cinched up with straps.   Adding more and more straps and cinching the others up as time went on.

Finally around 3:30am he was released.

Great time, “Curt” your are welcome back anytime 🙂

The gimp - Gallery

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