Entertaining a “SIR” friend of mine online while in the dungeon.

Wearing a metal chastity and rubber large butt plug under rubber bondage shorts and then locked.  Rubber equal gloves where added and wetsuit socks.  Over all that a wetsuit was added.  Bluetooth ear buds where inserted so it could only hear the and nothing else the SIR did not allow it to hear. You can see the green/yellow cord by the lock of the collar. The rubber hood with metal spikes was well coated with a tone of thick j-lube was locked on via a rubber collar.  A inflatable gag was added to make sure it could only speak gimp if that.  A pair of swimming fins slid over the feet.  Lastly a pair of extra dark sunshades where added to complete the gimps look.

A pair of rubber wrist restraints where added to give a bit of resistance for the night.

As the gimp I had to stay in it till morning so that made a 18 hour scene.

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Handcrafted Chastity Belts by Behind Barz


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