Not to long ago a long time friend reconnected with me.  Here is the summary of our reunion. RubGloves and myself finally reconnected after many years.  Being both on the sub side that day the scene turned into the battle of the gimps so to speak.

We started with me being in gear for his arrival; wearing a metal chastity under rubber locked bondage shorts to which a wetsuit was added.  Rubber aqua gloves and much boots completed the look.

Staying in theme somewhat he wore his red rubber surf suit over his Holy Trainer chastity to which we added his leather bondage shorts with red sneaker.  I felt he need to hold all the keys so we put them into the ball gloves that he would wear.  Soon after I added a pair of heavy handcuffs to his wrists.

Then it was time for me to change into a rubber suit since he took his time getting here a overheating issue was mounting up.  The same rubber bondage shorts where put back on and re-locked and the same rubber gloves where put back on.

He thought I needed a S-10 hood and collar which I was to hand the keys over to him; he put them in his shorts.

For that I added a gag to stuff his mouth so I added a pair of shackles to his ankles.

For that he found a way to get my breathing tube of the gas mask and block the air and quite often.  This lead to a battle of breath play which lasted for a LONG time!

During the breath battle I removed the handcuff on him after he complained which was a mistake as he quickly slapped them on me after a bit of a battle.  From that point things went down hill for me as he had the upper hand now and took advantage of every minute he could get out of it.

Eventually we had to break for dinner.  Only removing the headwear and gloves/mitts we put on some sports clothes over the gear and headed out to eat.

When we returned it was time to go into overtime.  This time he wasn’t going to be anything more then sub.

This time a nice fat wedge gag went on with the posture collar adding my rubber cap and back on went some leg restraints along with the rubber mitts locked behind his back.

Clover style tit clamps where added with a the addition of a ball weight.

The collar and gag where fastened with the cable from the winch.  Only allowing enough of cable to allow him to move somewhat like to the mirror for instance but allows providing a tug to remind him he was a sub and not a alpha sub now.

It soon became very late so it was time to set him free but he keep me locked and he kept his chastity on for the ride home.  He wrapped my chastity keys in duct tape to make it harder to get to them once he got home.  This would not pan out as planned as after he left I called him to let him know he left his keys to his Holey Trainer CB at my place.  He said as punishment I had to wrap my keys in more duct tape every five minutes and send him a picture if each time. It ended up as a huge ball as he had a nearly two hour ride back home.  Now I could not free myself till he got his keys back per his orders.

So with this in mind I felt to wrap his keys a bit before mailing his keys back to him.

I believe the both of us had way to much fun but I think we both would say it was worth it.  I look forward to the next time.


Part I

Dinner Break

Part II

Part III - The Aftermath

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