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  5. The SpaceDawg Invasion

Recently I had a visit from SpaceDawg (Ranger).  The below outlines the details from this fun adventure. The pictures of me did not come out well so I left them out but I hope you enjoy the ones of SpaceDawg which I think came out very well.

People in this story.

In the beginning Ranger suited up.

I added a leather corset and of course I had to lock all the buckles (6 locks).

Well I could not him wandering about freely so a pair of my favorite handcuffs and pair of leg shackles.

In typically RBC style a chain was clipped to the handcuffs and the leg shackles linking the two together.

…Adding a leather blindfold, wedge gag, and metal collar with each piece locked on.

After have I hour of fun the handcuffs and shackles where removed and that’s would he took advantage of his freedom.  Attacking me and having fun at my expanse.  After about 90 minutes it was time to get him into full pup mode.

Ranger making his stance over Trooper (me).

Ranger giving orders in pup talk.

Ranger “rolling up his sleeves” to implement his orders.

Getting read to pounce and tackle.

“Dusting off” after winning the tackle.

Warning me as I attempt to escape.

Ranger becoming submissive after I escaped. (What a nice stance)

Playtime for Ranger and Trooper.

Becoming acquisitive about items on the wall.

Ranger all tired out needed a small rest.

Now back in charge I noticed that he some how found the keys and removed 3 of the 6 locks on the corset so back on they went.

He was then equipped with some leather suspension wrist gear he had been admiring.  Of course locked to the hoist in the room and direction to keep his legs as far apart as he could keep them.

After several hours of play it was time to start to begin the gearing process.

As you can see in this picture, the one before and the one after he had been wearing the corset so long that the leather had drunk all the shine off his suit.

A great time and look forward to the next time.

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