Leatherboston Programs “RubberBound ‘DROID?”

The following is a true story on a role play scene between Leatherboston and RubberBoundCOP.

Leatherboston and myself have been talking to each other for a number of years now but till recently never got to meet in person.   That would soon change.

We started making plans for our meet.  He had been recently dabbling in being dominant so that is what he did.   He took charge with out discussion so I followed by obeying.


Leatherboston sent a agreement/instructions through to me and if I wanted to continue at this point I would not be able to back out per the agreed upon document.

First on his list was in prep a Saturday the week before he was to arrive he had me lock on my metal chastity device after filling the tube of it with lots of thick j-lube.  A extra cock-ring was also required.  He instructed me to seal the key in a unique envelope and print his name on it and seal the envelope and provide pictures of each step.  Here are the pictures sent:

After he received the pictures he sent a recording for me to listen to in all spare time.  It was to set this recording on loop and listen to whenever it could during the day and constant after work till it left for work the next morning.  it would need to do this each day till it met SIR.

1st Recording:


From this point on I was only to be referred to as it or gimp so we will do the same in this post this point forward.  It was only to refer to Leatherboston as SIR and nothing else.

On Sunday SIR sent this order to it: “SIR would like the gimp to get up on Saturday morning, shower, eat, clean itself out and report to its dungeon by 9 am.    The gimp shall take with it scissors, a plastic tie, its phone, an empty plastic bottle and at a later date it will be told what to wear.    The gimp will enter its cage at precisely 9 am and lock the cage with the zip tie.   The scissors are for emergency purposes only.  I expect to see the plastic tie intact upon my arrival.    The plastic bottle is for piss collection.    it will stay in its cage until SIR arrives to transform it into a rubber gimp.   it will take a photo of the plastic tie and it locked in the cage and send it to SIR no later than 9:05.  The gimp will wait patiently for SIR to arrive and to keep it entertained, it will listen to a recording (to be sent later this week).  I will arrive sometime in the am.  it could be 10 am, 11 am or noon….the gimp will have to wait patiently.”

Also ordered on Sunday SIR said “it will wear its semitransparent latex suit under its work cloths every day this week and at night will switch to its thick black and orange suit and remain it till it changes for work in the morning.”

On Monday it was sent a list of stories to read each day till it met SIR.  Also it was ordered the only pictures it could look at till it met SIR were male rubber encasement ones.

On Wednesday SIR sent another recording that it was to add to its playlist so now it had two recordings to listen to set on loop playback.

2nd Recording:


By the time Saturday morning came SIR’s plan for it to be super submissive had come true.  Spending all week in some for of rubber gear and locked in metal chastity kept it super hard and extremely submissive with absolutely no break.

Saturday morning around 7am per SIR’s instructions it inserted a rubber plug then put its black and orange suit back on after showering and cleaning out.  The suit was to be heavily coated with j-lube before it put the suit back on.

Next it was to take its chest harness and after making sure it was very snuggly fastened it was put on rubber socks and put knee-high boots on over them.  It put the 30-eyehole boots and tightly laced them up.

Next it had to put on latex gloves and tape them tightly around the wrists.  This would be followed with making sure the rubber hood with metal spikes was very well j-lubed with as thick layer of j-lube it could get on the inside of it.  Now before it could wear the hood it had to make sure it had Bluetooth earbuds well inserted into its ears with wax ear plugs surrounding each earbuds making sure no gaps where present.  Then it had to take the rubber inflatable tube gag and put it in place and it was to make sure it cinched the straps to the gag as tight as they would go.  Once that was done it was allowed to wear the hood making sure it was nicely tucked on the inside of the collar of the suit.

Now it was time to lock the collar on making sure to lock each of the should zippers pulls was locked to the d-rings of the collar.  The crotch zipper was also to be locked.

All locks where placed in a kitchen time lock safe for SIR to set when he arrived.

RBC Droid Progress
gimp progress picture to SIR

Finally it clipped its iPhone to the chest harness after paring up the Bluetooth earbuds to it.  Once on it was to play recording on loop as loud as possible.  Per request it sent this picture to SIR’s phone as soon as the last lock clicked.  Finally then putting on the droid strapped sports sunglass goggles.

Next it went to the dungeon and went into the cage and ziptied the cage securing it in the cage till SIR would arrive.

SIR would arrive after 11am.  SIR was let in by my roommate and instead of heading right down he went and changed and finally entered the dungeon.  Taking SIR’s time it finally found SIR cutting the ziptie after spending sometime to admire the view.

Once SIR opened the cage SIR grabbed ahold of the handle built-in to the back of the chest harness and pulled it out of the cage and proceeded to pump the gag up three times before bringing it to it’s feet in standing position.

After checking out the gimp SIR made sure it was fully treated with “treats” to make sure it was fully gimpafied without any thoughts.  SIR made sure during SIR’s entire visit the effect SIR wanted never let up.

Grabbing the leash next SIR walked it over to SIR’s laptop as SIR played some hypnosis videos for the gimp to watch.  After SIR was satisfied the videos had full affect on the gimp droid he walked it to the center of the room and felt SIR’s new droid up before forcing the droid to its knees.

Some aggressive breath play would be preformed on the rubber droid before SIR unzipped the chest zip’s and playing with its nipples.

Now that SIR got his rubber droid worked up SIR forced it onto all fours and proceeded to ride the rubber droid like a horse after pumping the gag up 3 more times.

SIR equipped the rubber droid with padded leather mitts next then resumed playing with its nipples and aggressively too.

After some other play SIR took it to the chair and wrapped its boots to the chair legs.  Next making sure the rubber droids arms where fasten behind its back.  Pumping the gag a final three more times to fill its mouth to overload.  More nipple torture alongside with more aggressive breath play and extreme “treats” SIR was able to get the rubber droid right where SIR wanted it; a mindless horny submissive rubber droid gimp!  Once it was in this state SIR had a couple of more hours keeping it this way before letting it rest down.

In the meantime SIR set the key safe to 36 hours but made no mention of it but it would find out after SIR left to head back to Boston.

This lead to a fully gimpified rubber droid gimp and a EXTREMLY happy SIR.

When SIR got home SIR sent a third recording which it was to combine all three into one and listen to them until the timer was done and it was out of gear.  It was allowed to recharge the Bluetooth earbuds whenever they ran out.

3rd Recording:


This was one of the best scenes it has had as a sub in a longtime.  Certainly the longest prep time to a scene it has ever had.  This rubber bound droid looks forward to future scenes like this one was.

-Thanks Leatherboston for such a great time!


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