The following story is a record of my recent extremely fun time with Wired4Fun.

Wired4Fun was planning to come though my area and wanted to meet me so we started to make plans.

He loved the idea of me in chastity so he had me a little over a week before we would meet to lock on my steel heart chastity device then provide cam evidence once it was on and every day till we met.

For his arrival I was to be suited in my new .82 thick skintight rubber suit and wearing my rubber sneakers.

Once he got here we chatted for a while then headed out to dinner after through on some clothes on over the rubber.

We had a great dinner before returning back to the house.

Once back at the house Wired4Fun had laid out some gear for me to add.  A pair of rubber ball mitts went on first then my rubber hood with metal spikes and added a inflatable gag to insure I only spoke gimp talk.  This would be followed by a collar that was locked to each of the shoulder zipper pulls of the suit and then locked its self in the back.

He took all the keys and a few others and tossed then in a timed key safe setting the timer for late in the night.

He then decided to have fun with me in the dungeon where he had a lot of fun tormenting me till we tired out several hours later and the timer on the key safe ran out.  He opened it and removed the keys to the chastity and closed it back up and reset the timer to open around 6am.

He left back to his hotel taking the chastity keys and left me to await the timer to run out on the key safe.  He said on his way back down in a week or so he stop back by for another visit and return the keys if he felt like it.

This would leave me in chasity till his return and left me more and more submissive with every day passed waiting for his return.

-End of Part I  (click are the tab marked Part II to read about his return)


Wired4Fun would finally return one day shy of two weeks.

His instruction for me to be in for his arrival was to be in same suit but to add rubber bondage shorts locked on, rubber boots, same hood and gag with collar locked to suit in same fashion, rubber ball mitts again and rubber leash added to the collar.

I was to wait atop of the stairs with leash hooked on the handrail and in a squatting position and remain like that till he arrived and took the leash and instructed to do otherwise different.

When he arrived he let himself in and headed upstairs to claim the gimp again.

1st thing he did was to make sure it was well primed and then took me down to the dungeon where he stuffed me in the cage while he checked his emails on the laptop.  Once he finished he took me out of the cage and began his work.

Sitting me in a chair after locking on pair of heavy handcuffs.  Once he was satisfied of his handiwork he began to torment me for a longtime in the chair.  A few hours later he said it was time to wrap up so we went to the key box but to add to our surprise the door would not open so he went back to putting me in the chair for more abuse.  40 minutes later we tried again, no luck so he removed the gag and mitts replacing the mitts with rubber gloves and then left me in the remaining gear and headed back to his hotel room.  He told me to call if an emergency would come up before my house mate came home.

After some work I was able to figure out that the last time he was here he did not close the inner door correctly so it was resting on the lock of the door.  I got it open eventually.



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