Not to long ago nickSD was passing through my area so we made arrangements to get together.

Wanting to be a gimp I set him up to be my gimp for the evening.

He was first put in his rubber suit then I added a nice wide collar, a hood and a inflatable gag.  Gloves and boots were added to complete phase I of his transformation to his gimp existence for the rest of his visit.

Later the hood was replaced with my S-10 gasmask/hood one piece and a leash to complete phase II of his gimp transformation.

After a few hours of random fun he was secured to a chair and had to squirm non-stop till he made a mess in his suit or he would not be released from the chair.  A fair amount of time would pass before the gimp succeeded.

The galley below outlines some of the fun he had as the gimp.

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