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Our scene starts off one afternoon.  I was to be in a rubber suit, metal chastity, locked rubber bondage shorts and boots.  I was also to be in the cage till I heard the ringtone I assigned to Jesse’s number.  Then I was to open the cage and put a pair of handcuffs and await for him, to arrive.

Once Jesse arrived he found the key to the house and let himself in as previously arranged.  He found his way to the dungeon where he found the keys to the cuffs on my wrists and removed them.  His last task a Dom he felt the need to wrap the keys to all the locks on my gear in pallet wrap then proceed to shove them down the back of the rubber suit he was wearing.  Doing this ended his Dom time and started his sub time.

The first thing was to get a hood and gag locked on him.  This would be followed by adding the handcuffs that where on me earlier and some ankle restraints on and then connected them together.

Some good old fashion torment would have to be preformed before adding some bands to aid in cinching up his body.

More bands then belts would be added as time went on.  For every strong squirm the restraints would be cinched tighter.

Just as the restraints started come off twice as many ended on him.

Eventually his release would occur and my keys where freed from his suit and cleanup occurred.

Always use safety common sense and never do this with people you do not know.

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